Calling All Students, Bloggers and User Groups

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It’s been just over a month since we’ve launched and we’re really excited about the way things are going.  We now have over a thousand registered users and accept hundreds of code submissions a day.  The response has been great, but we’re not done.   As a way to continue to challenge, engage and give back to the developer community, we’re pumped to announced a few new initiatives.

CodeChef Campus Chapters – Are you a student interested in setting up a CodeChef Chapter on your campus?  Each month we’ll send you optimal solutions to specific contest problems, tips & tools to become better software developers and (of course) some awesome CodeChef merchandise (everyone looks cool in chef’s hat).

Blogger Community Program – Are you a blogger interested in spreading the word about CodeChef?  We got what you need: exclusive access to content, press passes and more.

User Group Outreach Program – Are you part of a user group which is enthusiastic about programming?  We’ll give you a place for your meetings, and a chance for your users to network and gain recognition.

First contest starts Sunday, keep practicing…

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