Winners of June Algorithm Challenge

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Congratulations to all those who participated, well done! We are happy to see a bunch of new folks at the top of the leaderboard. We’d like to congratulate our top scorers:

1. Varun Jalan, D.J. Sanghvi
2. Ajay Somani, Google India
3. Erjin Zhou, China
4. Prunthaban L., Google India

Currently, only participants residing within India are eligible for prizes, which means Prunthaban will take home the third place prize. If it’s any consolation Erjin, we’ll still be sending you a t-shirt and some other CodeChef goodies. 😉

For those who’ve got a score of 4 and above, we’ll be contacting you and sending a CodeChef t-shirt your way (international folks included!)

Also, you can download the test cases from here.

I’d like to remind you that the date for submitting your browser game for the Gamers’ Challenge is this Monday (the 15th), so be sure to send in your entries soon.

Have fun!

– Shaheen
Community Evangelist

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