Gamer’s Challenge Winners!

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Egg Biryanis,
We are pleased to announce our winners for our first ever Gamer’s Challenge. (drum roll please….)

First Place:
Kushagra Gour – Chef of War – All around awesome game, well done!

Second Place:
Meet Shah – The Spoon Hunt – This game was a lot of fun to play (a staff favorite), we wish the graphics were a little better.

We have some other “honorable mention” awards, winners of these will each receive t-shirts.

Best Looking Game
Jugal Manjeshwar – CodeName Chef – Beautiful game, gameplay is repetitive though. By varying the enemies on different levels or including some power-ups this could have been great.

Best Javascript Game
Nikhil Marathe and Denny George – Little Chef – Hilarious story, we really enjoyed it. Game is too hard/quick though.

Best Game by Someone Who has Already Won a Prize
Kushagra Gour – Squash the Bugs – Another great game

Best Use of Binary Dumps and Dangling Pointers
Rasagy Sharma – Run Chef Run – Excellent concept for a game, love the floating pointers. Gameplay is original as well.

Thank you everyone who participated, this was a lot of fun for us, hope you enjoyed it as well. We will have other types of gaming contests in the future.

Update Aug 3rd… We now have photos of the winners with their prizes

Kushagra Gour - 1st in the May Gamers Challenge
Kushagra Gour - 1st in the May Gamers Challenge
Meet Shah - 2nd in the May Gamers Challenge
Meet Shah - 2nd in the May Gamers Challenge

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