CodeChef TechTalks

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We’re very excited about our latest community initiative – the CodeChef TechTalks. CodeChef TechTalks are India’s premier invitation-only geek symposia. The purpose of CodeChef TechTalks is to promote technical education and knowledge sharing by making internationally renowned speakers accessible to the best software professionals in India.

For the first edition we will be covering three cities – Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad from September 10th-12th.  We have Lisa Crispin and Owen Rogers flying down especially to deliver their sessions along with Bhavin Turakhia.

You can find complete details of the event as well as criteria for eligibility here. Like everything else on CodeChef, the TechTalks are not-for-profit. If you think your company can host or sponsor the event then do let them know about us. You can find more information regarding this here.

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