Winners of the CodeChef Facebook Photo Contest

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Hello everyone,

Here are the winners of the “CodeChef Facebook Photo Contest” announced in no particular order :

Siddhant Goel : “The Quick Geek”
For being the first one to send in a photograph..only minutes after the contest began..!!

\codechef facebook photo contest winners 6

Varun Jewalikar : “The Adventure Geek”
Yes you seem to have left your mark on the ground, underwater and even in the air!

codechef facebook photo contest winners 3

Shyam Prasad Murarka : “The Tattooed Geek”
We’re not sure how I.E. or Safari fans will feel about this but you definitely are Geek for having a Mozilla tattoo on you! Even if its only a temporary one πŸ˜‰
codechef facebook photo contest winners 5

Abhi Arya Bhat: “The Uber Geek”
For finding time to read all those novels with a repository that high!
codechef facebook photo contest winners 4

Abhishek Gupta : “The Multiple Geek”
For writing an application in 2 languages, accessing a computer through a cell phone, using 3 operating systems all at once and sending in 2 photographs! [which we really appreciate πŸ™‚ ]

codechef facebook photo contest winners 1

codechef facebook photo contest winners 2

Congratulations guys!

To all you CodeChef fans out there :

While the Photo contest has ended, we’dΒ  really appreciate it if you continue uploading photographs into our fan photo section.

Anything that you might feel suits our Facebook FanPage, be it photographs, polls, links, announcements, discussions, etc. is more than welcome!

This fan page is as much yours as it is ours πŸ™‚


The CodeChef Team

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