CodeChef Facebook ‘Comment to Win’ Contest

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Hey Guys,

From the 14th to the 21st of December ’09 we had the Facebook CodeChef ‘Comment to Win’ contest. Each day we uploaded a photograph of a different CodeChef merchandise that we would give away. Participants were then asked to comment on the photograph. Every 24 hours we had a lucky draw and 5 people from among all that had commented were selected to receive the merchandise of the day. Hemant Verma was the luck winner of an iPod Touch, our merchandise for the final day!

We had a lot of fun with this contest and we hope you like the photographs we put up. The comments received were just awesome and the enthusiasm you guys showed is really appreciated!

I’m sure you’re all wondering who the man in all the photographs is. That’s Pranab Kelkar, just another friendly DirectIan who agreed to be our model for the contest. Thanks a lot buddy!

While a lot of the comments deserve a mention, here is our favourite comment for each photograph.

Day 1 Winners: Vikesh Khanna , Abhishek Kona , James Olabode Samuel , Shiv Prakash , Dezul Udani

Favourite Comment : Arup Saha
if(you = giv_me(t-shirt))
i = assist_U (drums);
if(chef_plays (guitar) && i_play (drums) )
bool make_great_music = 1;… See More
i = go_back_to ( coding ); /* and win t-shirt there!!!*/

Day 2 Winners: Gorrerpati Siva Prasad Reddy , Shivam Gulati , Atish Bhattacharya , Akshata Bhat , Piyush Sachdeva

Favourite Comment : Akshata Bhat
…And God said, “let there be light”, and there was a Flash (drive).

Day 3 Winners : Harshit Gangal , Ayush Saxena , Nirmal Agrawal , Deepu Joseph , Uday Deep Singh

Favourite Comment : Rohan Tahiliani
The (Byteland) Saints :
Oh, when the Chefs, start cooking code ; Oh, when the Chefs start cooking code
How I want 2 be in that T-Shirt ; When the Chefs start cooking code
And when the Hats, begin to fly ; And when the Hats begin to fly
How I want to be in that T-Shirt ; When the Hats begin to fly

Day 4 Winners : Pradeep Nayak , Kushagra Gour , Rajat Kansal , Vimalkumar Jeyakumar , Jayakrishnan Nair

Favourite Comment : Ankush Gupta
A famous saying goes like,that “Books are the man’s best friends”. Certainly that’s very true and evident from the pic 🙂 The power in the written word (speciallty algorithms!) is so immense that it makes the chef sleepy most of the time. Mark Twain has rightly said : Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

Our winner of the iPod Touch for Day 5 of the contest :
Hemant Verma

Favourite Comment : Abhi Arya Bhat
boy: (serious) i love you.
gal: (laughs) hahahahha…!! lol… omg..!! hehe…!!
boy: (serious) i’ve iTOUCH…
gal: (serious) i love u too
end of story…!!

While the contest has ended, the fun does not need to end there. Post on our Facebook FanPage wall and let us know what other activities you would like us to have. We would love to get feedback for this contest as well. So let us know what you think.

Our fanpage is as much yours as it is ours so feel free to use it! 🙂


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