ACM ICPC Amritapuri First Warm Up Round – Now on 24th.

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Ladies and Gentlemen and Coders all around!

We are happy to announce “The First Warm-Up Contest” in preparation for the ACM ICPC Asia-Amritapuri Regionals.

What is this?
It is an online programming contest lasting 2.5 hours, along the lines of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

When will this take place?
On 25th 24th September, 2010 from 20:00hrs to 22:30hrs IST.

Who is organizing this contest?
Amrita University in partnership with Directi as part of the Go for Gold Initiative.

Who should participate?
The contest is primarily intended for Indian student programmers, in teams of three, who plan to participate in the Oct. 17th ACM ICPC Asia-Amritapuri Online Contest.

However, others are free to participate as well. 🙂

Why should you participate?
The purpose of this contest is for Indian teams to familiarize themselves with participating in programming contests in general, and the ACM ICPC in particular.

What are the prizes?
The top two teams of three participants from India will have their registration fees for the ACM ICPC Asia-Amritapuri site waived if they qualify for the on-site contest in December!

You may add a coach and a reserve for the ICPC, but the original team composition must remain the same in order to receive the prize.

Visit the contest landing page to participate.

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        1. @Vijay: We will try our best to host the next cook-off asap. This month it may not be possible considering the other activities that we have in the pipeline. We have received good amount of feedback on the cook-off’s and will be working towards it and come back again very shortly. Till then please bear with us. 🙂

  1. Does it mean that top 2 teams consisting of students from the same Indian university & who have already registered for Amritapuri site at baylor judge would get a direct entry to the onsite round (by-pass the online qualification round on Oct 17 ) as there is no fee for online round?

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