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Hello everybody,

In our efforts to increase security in CodeChef, we have restricted log-in into an account from only one system at a time. So, now if a user is already logged in from a system and she logs in again from a different system then she will be logged out from the previous one. The feature also holds for team login. So now one team can be logged in from only one system. If users face any issue, please send a mail to feedback@codechef.com.

Thanking You.

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12 Replies to “Login restricted to single system”

      1. What I had in mind were contest such as SnackDown. Here’s a quote from SnackDown announcement: “We are planning another contest with prizes available for international participants and professionals”. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. Prizes are a nice bonus, but I think it would be good to maintain international participation in team contests. Since those teams usually aren’t sitting behind a single computer, it would be a bit of a pain if we were logging each other out.

        1. @thocevar: That’s right. And to be honest, we have not yet been able to think about the modalities of that contest. It is still some time before we can have it, as right now we have our hands full. Presently the rules adhere to the ACM ICPC style of contests where only one submission is allowed at a time from one team. But whenever we have that contest we shall certainly consider all the options before finalizing on the rules. Keep posting your ideas to help us at feedback@codechef.com.

  1. I think this is not a very good idea for team competitions. As all members of team often don’t sit down all together but communicate from different places. I myself have collaborated with my team from home in Snackdown.

  2. Hey, this does not allow one to be logged in FROM THE SAME MACHINE, on two different browsers. Unless using a proxy server makes a difference…
    I had one browser crash and when i tried logging in from another browser it said that “i have been logged out”.

    1. @Pradeep: Yes it will not allow you to simultaneously login from different browsers on the same system as each browser maintains its own cookies. But you can always login from a different browser and you will be logged out of the first one.

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