October CookOff is back – Warm up for IIT Kanpur ACM ICPC Regionals

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Dear CodeCheffers,

The CodeChef Cook-Off is back this month and this time it is in collaboration with IIT-Kanpur. The ACM ICPC Regionals are close and this is yet another chance for you to reduce your flab and get coding. IIT Kanpur in partnership with Directi as part of the Go for Gold Initiative brings you the October Cook-Off on the 15th of October, 2010 from 21:30hrs to 00:00hrs IST.

The contest is open to everyone. Along the lines of the ACM ICPC, it will be a team contest – a slight deviation from the previous two Cook-Off’s that we have had. What this means is you may form a team of maximum 3 members to participate. However, submissions will be allowed only from one system at any time. If you have distributed teams, then you need to log on and log out every time you want to submit from a different location.

Visit the contest landing page to participate.

The registrations for the Cook-Off are now open, you can register your team here: http://www.codechef.com/teams/register/COOK03

The October Cook-Off:

  • Friday, 15th October
  • 9:30 pm to 12:00 am (Indian Standard Time)
  • 5 Problems

Team CodeChef

PS: Considering the unanticipated huge response to our last team contest, we have pulled up our socks and have been continuously working towards providing you with a much better experience. Hopefully you will see the difference.

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6 Replies to “October CookOff is back – Warm up for IIT…”

  1. Yes,we saw the difference already. It was better before and with the addition of some ‘announcement’ & ajax(?) stuff may be, it has become much worse now. I don’t know why it has not been taken care till now. I’m sure many would be facing the same problem. We can’t participate in this environment for online regionals ! , my browser simply doesn’t want this site to be opened, its crying out loud 🙁

    1. I’m on ubuntu v9.10 using firefox v3.5.3 . Now I see that almost all my friends have faced the same problem in recent iiit-a & mnnit contest. So, it might not be a browser & os specific bug. Anyway, hope you will take care of it soon.. or just revert back to old settings during important contest. Thanks.

      1. @Anil: We believe you were not having any trouble accessing the October monthly contest as well as the Alkhwarizm. Can you please confirm that the issue happened only for the Limit-de-Plazo and AVISHKAR but not Alkhwarizm. Also we believe you will not have this issue on these pages again. Thanks for the help.

        1. Yes.. normal pages and this october contest are same as before, and I didn’t see any issues with them (till now). I have experienced that during TLE and Avishkar.

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