ACM-ICPC Asia-Kanpur Site First Round Online Contest has ended

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Hi guys,

The ACM-ICPC Asia-Kanpur Site First Round Online Contest has ended with 132 teams from India and the Asia Region that registered for it.

The rankist for the teams is available here.

Keeping in mind certain criteria, teams from this list will be chosen to go to the ACM-ICPC Asia-Kanpur Site Second Round Onsite that will take place in December.

Contest Statistics:

Length of Contest Unique Teams Registered Total Number of Submissions Teams who have solved at least one problem
3 hours 132 876 75

Congratulations to all of you!

Teams selected for the onsite round will be contacted in a few days time.

We hope you had a good experience during the contest. If you have anyfeedback that you would like to share with us then do let us know either by commenting on this blog post or by sending in an email to .

Team CodeChef

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8 Replies to “ACM-ICPC Asia-Kanpur Site First Round Online Contest has ended”

  1. A serious problem, I faced was due to the fact all the 3 team members were given a single login ID. Hence, if another team member logged-in while I was already logged-in, I was automatically logged out. As a result, I had to re-login each time I had to submit a solution and logging-in redirected me to the home page of Codechef.
    It will be a lot better, if the next time all team members will be given separate login IDs or multiple logins will be allowed.

    1. This is the rule required by ACM ICPC organiziers. We regret the inconvenience but there is hardly we could do anything about this. For future CodeChef team contests we shall consider your feedback.

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