The November 2010 CookOff has ended!

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Hi guys,

The November 2010 CookOff, our fourth short contest format has now ended. Our first submission came within just five minutes of the contest starting and an hour and 15 minutes later, cgy4ever became the first person to solve all five problems

Once again, we would like to thank our fantastic cooks for the night, David Stolp and Zac Friggstad, our extremely talented problem setter, tester and moderators.

Here are the top 10 best performers of the November Cook-Off:

  1. ChenGaoyuan
  2. Adrii Maksai
  3. Tanaeem
  4. Michael
  5. Manzurur Rahman Khan
  6. Max
  7. Seyed Hamed Valizadeh Toosi
  8. Ropan Aleksey
  9. Mikhail M
  10. Philip Pronin

Take a look at the contest rankings here .

Contest Statistics:

Length of Contest Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
2.5 hours 248 780 223
Country Total Participants
IN 174
Rest of World 74

Congratulations guys! We look forward to seeing all of you participating in the December 2010 Challenge that starts in only 3 days.

Check out the contest problem editorials here

If there is anything you would like to let us know regarding this contest then do let us know by either commenting below this blog post or by sending in an email to

Basil Skariah
(Team CodeChef)

P.S. Winners of the contest will be contacted on Monday (29th November).

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