A Notification Feature

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Dear Contestants,

Considering the issues that occurred in the recent contests, we have implemented a new notification feature on CodeChef. In the last short contest some of you were unaware of the changed problem statements and as a result had to suffer with unwanted penalties. While we understand that such scenarios should be best avoided and we strive to eliminate them completely, yet at times we do end up making mistakes. However, to notify all the users instantly is the least that we think we can do to make it fair to all.

As per this new feature, whenever there is an announcement made in any contest or when the admins want to notify you of some event, every logged in user will get a notification in the form of an alert box.


PS: We are testing this feature on the website for some time. For this reason you may see an alert box while browsing CodeChef.

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  1. Are you able to alter this so that if there are multiple announcements since you last visited the site, you only get one popup box? It’s a little annoying visiting the site and having 8 boxes in a row pop up until you can finally start browsing.

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