February 2011 Challenge Winners!

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Hi CodeCheffers,

The February 2011 Challenge is now over.

A few quick facts about this contest:

01. We don’t remember the last time we had a tie at the top of the rank list. This time we have a tie on our global list for the 2nd rank between Ashutosh Mehra and Hiroto Sekido.

02. We also have an Indian coming 2nd on the Global list, the last time we saw an Indian up the list were in January and September 2010.

03. This month we have 6 Indians in the Global top 20 list.

04. From the International list we have Jan and Mark Gordon featuring for the first time on the Global top 20.

05. We had close to 16,400 page views for this contest.

A special mention about our Problem Setter and Tester for this months problems:

Zac Friggstad, Ivan Mistranu, Tanaeem, Anshuman Singh, Tomaz Hocevar, Duc and Subrahmanyam (tester)

Lets look at some Statistics and then move on to see the final winners list.

Contest Statistics:

Length of Contest Unique Visitors Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
10 days 16,398 426 8652 289
Country Total Participants Average Score per User
IN 276 0.51
Rest of World 113 1.70

Winners list for the February 2011 Contest:


01. Ashutosh Mehra (winner of prize money Rs. 12000)
02. Yash (winner of prize money Rs. 8000)
03. Suhash
04. Ravi Kiran
05. Balajiganapathi
06. Abhijith Reddy D
07. Gunjan Sharma
08. Sunny Agrawal
09. Pratik Tandel
10. Anshul goyal
11. Mahesh Chandra Sharma
12. Sankalp Raghav
13. Divyanshu
13. Anil Kishore
13. Uday Jalan
13. Vikas
17. Vikram Kumar Gupta
18. Manish Kumar
19. Shivmitra Mishra


01. Tomek Czajka (winner of prize money $400)
02. Hiroto Sekido (winner of prize money $300)
03. David Stolp
04. Oleg
05. Vladislav Isenbaev
06. Balakrishnan Varadarajan
07. Jan
08. Burdakov Daniel
09. Mark Gordon
10. Darkgt

Congratulations to all.

If you haven’t yet checked out the editorials of the problems to this month’s contest please do so here.

We are running a 2.5 hours Cook-Off that is scheduled for 20th February 2011 at 21:30 IST

If there is anything that you would like to let us know then do comment on this blog post or send in an email to feedback@codechef.com

Harsh Munshaw

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    1. Thanks to all our problem setters for this great problem set and a special thanks to our problem tester for finding all the issues to the minutest details and making it such a fun contest for you guys. 🙂

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