Short Contest Ranking (Cook-off)

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Hi CodeCheffers,

At the beginning of the year we announced that we would be implementing a brand new rating system for our Cook-Offs. Unfortunately its launch was delayed as we were busy tweaking and fine tuning the parameters in our algorithms to try and improve the new rating system into its best possible version. We wanted to make sure that the rating system that we put up is as good as it gets! A lot of of you have been patiently waiting for the implementation and we apologize for this delay.

Its time for good news now. πŸ™‚ The moment has finally arrived! Our new rating system has now gone live!

It is available at the link .

The contests that have been affected by this are COOK01, COOK02, COOK04, COOK05, COOK06 and COOK07.
COOK03 has not been rated as it was a team based contest.

The rating will only apply to contestants that have made at least 1 submission during a contest.

For more details about the rating system please take a look at our earlier blog here.

If you have any feedback or opinions that you would like to share with us about this new system the feel free to write in to or putting up a comment below this blog post.


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14 Replies to “Short Contest Ranking (Cook-off)”

  1. i think their is some problem in ratings for short contests.. a person who has not taken part any of COOK01, COOK02, COOK04, COOK05, COOK06 and COOK07. has higher rankings then me( i have solved 4 prob, 1 each in COOK02, COOK04, COOK06 and COOK07).. how do u explain that…

  2. Are they rated then? if so do they have different rating system? if yes, then why it is not present in the user profile.

    Please improve your rating and ranking systems as it is the main attractive stuff for members to keep competing on codechef.

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