NIT Trichy – Pragyan – ByteCode partners with Directi Go for Gold Initiative

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Hi CodeCheffers,

On  Sunday, 20th February we witnessed an awesome contest organized by the students of NIT Trichy as part of their festival Pragyan. Bytecode was held on Codechef in partnership with Directi’s Go for Gold Initiative.

The 478 teams that registered for the contest were given 11 problems solve within a span of 6 hours!
With over 1304 submissions that we received, here are our top performing teams:

Top 10 Indian Teams:

01) Proof
02) UsualSuspects
03) phoenix
04) Simplex Ants
05) RIP
06) SK
07) Neuron
08) Heisenbug
09) ram
10) Hypothetical

Top 3 Global Teams:

01) Egor Kulikov
02) sierpinski
03) Navi

Top 3 Teams from NITT

01) firewall
02) kompsci_nitt
03) Fanatic_Dreamers

We at CodeChef would like to congratulate all the winners of the contest and also thank everyone that participated.

We are also happy to let you, that all the participants that registered on the Pragyan website will be receiving certificates of merit/participation.

For all those that would like to solve the problems of the contest we have now transferred them to the practice section as well. 🙂

Congratulations once again!

Harsh Munshaw

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