New Languages added

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Greetings CodeCheffers,

In order to make your programming endevours more interesting, we have added the following new languages to CodeChef :

1.) Clojure (clojure-1.1.0)
2.) Go (gc-2010-07-14)
3.) Python3 (python-3.1.2)
4.) Fsharp (fsharp-2.0.0)
5.) Perl6 (rakudo-2010.08)

These languages will appear in the language selection drop down on the solution submission page. Also Bash and Perl Languages have been updated to bash-3.2.29 and perl-5.12.1.

Some perl submissions which were made before the upgrade may not work with the new version due to compatibility issues.

So now along these new languages, these are the 48 programming languages that CodeChef supports 🙂

1.) ADA 95 (gnat-4.3.2)
2.) Assembler (nasm-2.03.01)
3.) Bash (bash-3.2.29)
4.) Brainf**k (bff-
5.) C (gcc-4.3.2)
6.) C# (gmcs-2.0.1)
7.) C++ (gcc-4.0.0-8)
8.) C++ (gcc-4.3.2)
9.) C99 strict (gcc 4.3.2)
10.) Clips (clips-6.24)
11.) Clojure (clojure-1.1.0)
12.) Common Lisp (clisp-2.44.1)
13.) Common Lisp (sbcl-1.0.18)
14.) D (gdc-4.1.3)
15.) Erlang (erlang-5.6.3)
16.) F# (fsharp-2.0.0)
17.) Fortran (gfortran-4.3.2)
18.) Go (gc-2010-07-14)
19.) Haskell (ghc-6.10.4)
20.) Icon (iconc-9.4.3)
21.) Intercal (ick-0.28-4)
22.) JAR (javac-1.6.0_12)
23.) Java (javac-1.6.0_12)
24.) JavaScript (rhino 1.7R1-2)
25.) Lua (luac-5.1.3)
26.) Nemerle (ncc-0.9.3)
27.) Nice (nice-0.9.6)
28.) Ocaml (ocamlopt-3.10.2)
29.) Pascal (fpc-2.2.4)
30.) Pascal (gpc-20070904)
31.) PDF
32.) Perl (perl-5.12.1)
33.) Perl6 (rakudo-2010.08)
34.) PHP (php-5.2.6)
35.) Pike (pike-7.6.112)
36.) PostScript
37.) Prolog (swipl-5.6.58)
38.) Python (python-2.5)
39.) Python3 (python-3.1.2)
40.) Ruby (ruby-1.9.0)
41.) Scala (scala-2.8.0)
42.) Scheme (stalin-0.11)
43.) Scheme (guile-1.8.5)
44.) Smalltalk (gst-3.0.3)
45.) Tcl (tclsh-8.5.3)
46.) Text (pure text)
47.) Whitespace (wspace-0.2)
48.) Word

Happy Programming,
Tojo Chacko

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  1. I’m new to codechef. Why is PDF included in the list? Do you mean, submissions of code file in PDF format? or…I don’t know some hidden PDF feature is there so that its categorized with other languages here?

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