Bugs are pesky creatures..aren’t they?

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Are you tired of CodeChef’s bugs interrupting you and not knowing what to do about it? We are constantly looking to make CodeChef more efficient than ever and as part of this effort we have created bugs@codechef.com. Yes, we are all ears!

Use the email address to report any bug that you come across on CodeChef. Our technical team does have its hands full at the moment and so fixing the issue may take a little while. But rest assured every detail you send in will be noted and fixed in time.

What’s more, periodically we will even reward users that most frequently find and report valid bugs in the system!

We’re hoping with this will be able to make CodeChef reach its true potential in the best and fastest way possible. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get detecting! And remember.. only bugs allowed! 😉

Team CodeChef

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