April 2011 Challenge Winners!

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Hi CodeCheffers,

The April Challenge 2011 is over!

The contest went through a few hick-ups this month, we faced downtime of our judge SPOJ for about 10 hours, due to some construction work which caused a network breakdown in Poland, thats where our judge is located. We therefore extended the contest by 24hours to make sure no one lost out during this downtime. We also had a few changes in our test cases during the contest and had to re-judge the problems L2GRAPH and RECTCNT.

Before we move on to the next section of the blog post, a special mention of the people who made this contest possible:

Zac Friggstad, AnhDQ and Snigdha Chandan were the problem setters while  Rajiv Kumar was the diligent tester of this month’s contest.

Lets look at some Statistics and then move on to see the final winners list.

Contest Statistics:

Length of Contest Unique Visitors Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
11 days 15,858 714 14688 531
Country Total Participants Average Score per User
IN 506 1.14
Rest of World 208 2.31

Winners list for the April 2011 Contest:


01. rudradevbasak (winner of prize money Rs. 12000)
02. utkarsh_lath (winner of prize money Rs. 8000)
03. balajiganapath
04. smithinsu
05. shadow
07. yash_coder
08. sandygupta
09. tushar1391
10. pikku
11. Johar
12. mcsharma1990
13. magick968
14. jayesh02
15. Amit Karmakar
15. coders1122
15. hemant_baid
15. kaushik.mv
15. kaushik_iska
15. Paresh Verma


01.  gennady.korotkevich (winner of prize money $400)
02. ACRush (winner of prize money $300)
03. pasin30055
04. skyfire
05. thocevar
06. laycurse
07. khaustov
08. EgorK
09. pperm
10. al13n

Congratulations to all.

If you haven’t yet checked out the editorials of the problems to this month’s contest please do so here.

We are running a 2.5 hours Cook-Off that is scheduled for 24th April 2011 at 21:30 IST

If there is anything that you would like to let us know then do comment on this blog post or send in an email to feedback@codechef.com

Harsh Munshaw

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