Winners for September 2011 Challenge!

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Greetings CodeCheffers,

The Challenge for September 2011 has concluded, and once again, there was no exclusive winner on the Indian side of things. On the global side, however, we saw a clean victory, of which we shall inform you in just a few lines. 🙂

Before moving on though, I’d like to mention that this month’s participation very nearly equalled the highest ever participation for a long contest; I am sincerely pleased to see so many people constructively using their free time. 🙂

Another unusual highlight was the single successful submission for the challenge problem TILT… what happened guys? The problem setter himself was surprised.

A massive under-10 tie saw the 9th rank cover nearly 140 people! Talk about neck-and-neck…

Now, for the honorary problem setters and tester, whom all of us here are deeply ingratiated to:

David Stolp, Gennady Korotkevitch, Saransh Bansal, Imran Sunny and Vamsi Kavala prepared the problems while  Shilp Gupta sampled them before they were served to you.

Let’s look at some Statistics and then move on to see the final winners list.

Contest Statistics:

Length of Contest Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
11 days 711 7845 447
Country Total Participants Average Score per User
IN 531 0.89
Rest of World 180 1.48

Winners list for the September 2011 Contest:


01. Balakrishnan Varadarajan (winner of prize money Rs. 5000)
01. rudradevbasak (winner of prize money Rs. 5000)
01. Varun Jalan (winner of prize money Rs. 5000)
01. utkarsh lath (winner of prize money Rs. 5000)
05. mosquito
05. Pratik Tandel
05. sharatiitr
05. vivekitbhu


01. ACRush (winner of prize money $400)
02. ddr (winner of prize money $60)
02. hanshuai (winner of prize money $60)
02. lutyj (winner of prize money $60)
02. Oleg (winner of prize money $60)
02. s.max (winner of prize money $60)
07. Anton Lunyov
07. iscsi
07. Tony Liu

Congratulations to all, and a special mention to ACRush for being the only one to solve David Stolp’s TILT. 🙂

If you haven’t yet checked out the editorials of the problems to this month’s contest please do so here.

We are running a 2.5 hours Cook-Off that is scheduled for 18th September 2011 at 21:30 IST

If there is anything that you would like to let us know then do comment on this blog post or send in an email to

Adarsh Loyal.

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