November Cook-Off 2011 winners!!

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Midnight greetings, CodeCheffers!

The November Cook-Off contest has concluded. It was a good fight for the top spot between petr and lyrically until the final hour or so when ogiekako suprisingly chipped in to the 2nd spot.

It was a well balanced problem set, thanks to Gennady Korotkevich and Anton Lunyov. A big round of applause for them plesae. Gennady, also incidentally made a problem setting debut on CodeChef today. yay!!

There was another debut which we are sure may not have gone un-noticed 🙂 Yes, please welcome petr on CodeChef. He is currently ranked 2nd across most global programming sites.

The contest also had good number of participation from Japan and Russia which may be due to Gennady’s problem set. Indian participation was subdued which left us sad 🙁

Now, moving on to the winners of this contest:

01. petr
02. ogiekako
03. lyrically
04. KADR
05. dzhulgakov
06. raveman
07. al13n
08. laycurse
09. Ra16bit
10. jughead

The final Cook-Off rankings can be viewed here.

The statistics for the November Cook-Off are as follows:

Length of Contest Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
2.5 hours 305 1095 253
Country Total Participants
IN 150
Rest of World 155

As you can see, the participation numbers were not swelling, but the contest was well fought out. For the first time, we had the Indian participation being less than the Rest of the World!

The editorials for the problem set can be viewed here.

We hope you guys mark out your calendar for the next Cook-Off since its going to be the final Cook-Off for this year. We will be also be hosting as usual our regular long contest on December 1st. See you guys there. In between, keep your likes, mails and tweets coming to us. We love to respond to them.

Tojo Chacko.

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  1. I think that the short contests should also have prize money like long contests.Top two Non-Indian + top one/two Indian(depending on participation).This would bring more vigor to the contest.Learning is ok but the sense of winning something has greater driving force.

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