And we bid adieu to this year with a great Cook-Off!

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Beloved CodeCheffers,

What a way to end the year! All our previous records have been shattered!!!

Let me make this official – this has been our most highly participated Cook-Off till date 🙂 Also let me break the tradition and first share with you the stats as I am still unable to gulp them.

Length of Contest Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
2.5 hours 753 4217 643
Country Total Participants
IN 518
Rest of World 235

As you can see, by pure numbers, we have the highest user participation and highest number of total submissions in the history of CodeChef Cook-Off’s (The previous high being 566 users in the fourteenth edition and 3231 submissions in the sixth edition) and by some margin!

Let me congratulate and thank Hiroto Sekido and Shangjingbo for giving us this brilliant contest. Please raise a toast for both Hiroto and Shangjingbo. <claps>

Now, the contest summary! The contest started with a whammy for us. We know this has been a consistent problem since the last few contest with the problem statements not being visible for an initial period. Though we feel embarrassed to apologize again, we can’t help but beg your pardon. We are working hard to solve this problem.

So much for the bad part. After the initial glitch, we got first submissions for CIELAB, which eventually saw 642 submissions. CIEL8STR also saw 216 submissions. These were the 2 problems that most of the participants attempted first. By the time theses they were submitted the leader board was settled and remained idle for some time.

mmaxio made the first kill by solving CIELQUIZ and raised the bar for others. His competitors didn’t sit idle and soon after the leader board kept on tumbling. EgorK ruled the charts till the end by solving 4 problems first.

We, admins, had put our bets on EgorK in the last 20 minutes to win, with the exception Hiroto, who wanted lyrically to take the honors (shhhh). No one was able to solve CIELWALK till the very end and our problem setting/testing panel started wondering whether this was too hard a problem for a Cook-Off. But thankfully, gojira proved them wrong. 🙂

Our very own Indian compatriot rudradevbasak broke into the top 10 in the last few minutes. This is the first appearance of an Indian in the Top 3 in Cook-Off’s. Way to go Rudradev. We wish you bring more glory to India in the ICPC world finals. And we also hope that other Indian participants follow suit.

In all, it was a brilliantly fought out contest and we thank all of you in making this Cook-Off a great success. We are further motivated to bring better problem sets for the next Cook-Off’s.

And the winners are…

1.) EgorK
2.) dzhulgakov
3.) rudradevbasak
4.) anton_lunyov
5.) Gassa
6.) petr
7.) lyrically
8.) raveman
9.) mmaxio
10.) al13n

The final Cook-Off rankings can we viewed here. Don’t forget to ask your questions directly to the problem setter here.

The short contest ratings have also been updated. gennady.korotkevich still rules the rank list even after a disappointing end to a glorious year. EgorK has closed in to both gennady and laycurse after his brilliant performance to end the year on a big high. What makes this performance special is that all the 4 higher rated players in this contest were participating and he still came on top. This performance has made him climb 2 places from 5th to 3rd! rudradevbasak is now ranked 22nd globally and 1st on the Indian rank list. Checkout where you stand before you start 2012 here.

That is all from us for now. We will be hosting our usual Long Contest at the start of the next month which incidentally also happens to be the beginning of a new calendar year.

Let me take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year on behalf of the entire CodeChef team.

Happy Holidays,
Team CodeChef.

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