IIT-Kanpur along with CodeChef presents Techkriti-IOPC 2012

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Yasou CodeCheffers,

We are pleased to announce that CodeChef, as a part of our Directi’s Go For Gold Initiative, will be partnering with IIT-Kanpur to bring to you IOPC 2012 programming contest. The contest is open to all and will be a team based contest. Register your respective teams by clicking on this link. Go get started!

The contest duration will be 24 hours from 14th January, 2012 1200hrs to 15th January, 2012 1200hrs.

To be eligible for prizes, the teams need to be comprised of students who are currently registered in some university only. It is not necessary that all students be from the same university. Also, you need to be registered on the Techkriti IOPC website to be eligible for the prizes. The registration for the same is here. For detailed rules of the contest checkout the contest page.

Good Luck for the contest. Hope to see you there.

Team CodeChef

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