An overwhelming participation for IOPC2012 :)

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Xin chào,

We successfully hosted the 2012 version of IOPC, presented by IIT-Kanpur, on CodeChef. The contest was a team event and saw a total registration of 844 teams! The contest was won by the team Proof. They managed to solve all 17 problems. Our heartiest congratulations to them.

The stats look overwhelming and we have seen a significant increase in participation compared to last year’s version. Here are some stats for the contest.

Contest Statistics:

Length of Contest No of Teams who submitted Total Number of Submissions Teams who solved at least one problem
24 Hours 350 3868 117

The solution booklet for the problems can be found here.

Also I like to mention a special thanks to Pratik Moona, Raziman Tv and Uttakarsh Lath for providing a good problem set (having a whopping 17 problems!!!) and working day in and day out to make this contest a big success. A big round of applause for them.

We hope to host many more such contests. So what are you waiting for? Want to host a contest? Drop in an email to


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