Gennady’s blitz·krieg!

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Night Greetings,

We are done with our First Cook-Off of the year and it was done in some style by Gennady Korotkevich :). There is no denying the fact that his mere presence is enough to overwhelm any contestant (at least the beginners). He wins the Cook-Off once again after some months of hiding from the top ranks. Our heartiest congratulations to him.

dzhulgakov, KADR share the winners steps with him. A special mention for dzhulgakov, who made a fifer without any penalties! Now that’s a Good One.

As has been the tradition, the Cook-Off contained 5 dishes prepared by our very own Chef Anil Kishore before being sampled by the Harsha. A big round of applause for them for bringing out an absolutely mouth watering dish!

And the winners are …

1.) gennady.korotkevich
2.) dzhulgakov
3.) KADR
4.) Romka
5.) shef
6.) raveman
7.) lyrically
8.) anton_lunyov
9.) mikhailOK
10.) aropan

Congratulations to one and all.

Let me try and rewind the contest for those who missed the fun. anton_lunyov, gennady korotkevich and mikhailOK fired the contest up at the start by solving the easiest problems of the lot, COLLIDE within the first 6 minutes. Beyond this there was nothing that remained common among this trio. As more submissions gathered up, 3 problems were solved within the first half an hour of the contest! anton_lunyov led the leaderboard at this time and gennady was close behind him.

A tug of war started for the 3rd place with KADR, Romka, dzhulgakov and raveman all wrestling for it. In between the mayhem, a surprise AC submission came from dj3500 for the toughest problem (FLOORSMV) in the set. It was enough to push anton_lunyov down to the 5th position with other contestants going for the kill.

At the stroke of an hour before the scheduled end of the contest, gennady had his last laugh. At this time, there were very few to have solved 4, let alone all 5! dzhulgakov was the next in line to get the fifer followed by raveman, who with his 5 penalties, barged into the top 3. His penalties brought him down to the 6th position to be overtaken by KADR, Romka and shef till the end. Our defending champion and the winner of the last contest of the previous year, EgorK surprisingly finished at 27th!

A special mention to Raziman TV for his best performance in the CookOff’s. He is the lone Indian in top 20!

The stats for the contest are here:

Length of Contest Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
2.5 hours 436 1930 221
Country Total Participants
IN 276
Rest of World 160

With this win, Gennady has stretched his lead in the short contest rankings to 4027! Check out where you stand here.

Time for wrapping up the post as writing it is making me feel nocturnal 🙂 We will be back for our February Long Contest. Look out for this contest as we have some surprise in store for you, ssssh….!

Warm Regards,

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