The February Long Challenge has a Surprise in store!

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As we are about to embark into the fourth year of our journey towards providing a platform to the programming community, we are happy to bring about some long awaited changes to our contests. Not to keep you guessing, the first change is that we have added more problems to the longer version of the contest.

Over the last year we have tried hard to bring the best programmers on-board and improve the quality of our problems. I believe and I say with some audacity that we have achieved a part of that goal. We now have the support of the finest programmers from around the globe who are helping us to dish out the best quality of problems for you.

The grapevine has it, that while the quality of our contests has certainly improved, this has also resulted in the level of these contests getting a notch higher and hence there is very little that a novice programmer finds to do in our long contests. We felt that somehow in the process, we have started digressing from our original objective of making a newbie love programming rather than get intimidated. The whole idea of a 10-day contest was to provide an opportunity for every programmer to learn a concept required to solve a problem and get the gratification of solving a problem in a live contest without being bogged down by the constraints of time. Not to forget that all this had to be achieved while being competitive.

To overcome this, we are adding 4 more problems of easier levels to the existing lot of 6. Yes, that makes it 10 problems in every long contest from now on! We believe this will encourage many more novice programmers to come, participate and learn in the process. While we are excited to bring in this change, I am keeping my fingers crossed to see the reaction of people at the top, on now having to solve more number of entry level problems!

It was not a very easy decision for us to take. What this meant was more work for our problem setters, much more work for our problem tester to ensure quality of each and every problem and an increase in our monthly budget. But much more than any of this, the fact that we might be risking upsetting the best programmers to solve more number of easier problems may seem like adding noise to the contest!

However, we feel this change is something that has been awaited since quite sometime now. Hopefully the contest will now have something for everybody. And while we would like to take the credit for this change, it will be grossly unfair on my part, to our awesome problem setting panel who did all the work to help us achieve this. Kudos to all of them for some frenetic last minute effort to bring in this contest for you. Hopefully, you will like it and make our journey into the fourth year much more gratifying.

Please send in your feedback. We really love it. Do not hesitate. Come and participate. We have a few more surprises in store for you! Keep watching this space.

And please, please let us know what you think of this change.

Anup Kalbalia
Team CodeChef.

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48 Replies to “The February Long Challenge has a Surprise in store!”

  1. yippee…….
    i think code chef team did a great job it’ll surely encourage all programmers…….
    its something like i’m waiting for a long time in long contest ………..
    and also i wanna congratulate to PROBLEM SETTER TEAM and PROBLEM TESTER for their great effort……….:))

  2. yeepeee …. I really love this change. because of heavy weight problem, i left code chef contest because of time issue. now i will definitely participate. many thanks 

  3. Hi,

    So 9 binary and 1 optimization problem?
    Maybe If i can vote I prefer 8,2..

    I’m happy for this decision but maybe my chances higher for a good results if less problem would be 🙂 Anyway I would like to thank you for your hard and high level work!


  4. yes!! i have been waiting for something like this since ages! thanks admins… surely this WILL encourage newbies. thanks a ton.. love u all.. keep coding ppl! 🙂

  5. This is an excellent step. I took part in a few contests in the beginning but then I stopped because each problem, if ever solved, took a lot a lot of time. I am sure this will encourage more people to participate.

    Secondly, I also think that you should mention algorithms that were used as a base to design the problem in the editorials. Currently, the solution to a problem is written in a huge paragraph which has to be understood as a whole and not in bits or pieces. If a problem uses , say, segment tree, binary search and Dynamic Programming, even if implicitly, mention that at the top of the solution in the editorial. This way, I can study these topics first and then read the official solution. This approach will also help a participant learn more, and in less time. Any links to resources and theory would be useful.

  6. An excellent step indeed,i appreciate that codechef is trying to grow taking the novices together with it, another thing i would appreciate a lot is if you could provide algorithms for each problem “after” the contest has ende ,it will help a lot!!!

  7. Thanks to all for the amazing feedback. We are as excited as you and may be more. Hopefully the problems will be good too. Do not forget to leave your feedback about the problem set. Happy coding! 🙂

  8. Thats a really anticipated step… because like many other programming competition websites… this too was becoming exclusive arenas of the top-shots… this step will bring about a drastic change in participations… though they might upset the pros as mentioned earlier… but are they the only ones everyone will be catering too?… 

    Kudos to CodeChef… Great Job!

  9. I love participating in codechef, and this is indeed very good step. Only things I would like to add is to have some more detailed analysis of the problems in editorial. I know its very hard to explain each and every thing, but sometimes the level of difficulty of problem justifies the detailed explanation.

    Thanks again for taking this step.

  10.  I like this change. While I myself can now solve a question that is solved by more than 100 people, this was not always the case. I do not mind doing more problems.

  11. This change should be followed up by a change in the rating system.
    If the same rating system is applied which was being used earlier, then it surely is unfair for competitors who were more frequent participants earlier but less frequent now.

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