A new boost for CodeChef Long Contest!

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We hope you have enjoyed our feast of ’10 problems in 10 days’. The Febraury Long Contest is done and dusted. It has been a buzzing contest from day one. The numbers alone speak for themselves. Around 4000 submissions on day one, whereas total submissions for January Long Contest was only 8981!!

Individual problems also broke the record for the highest submissions recorded till date on CodeChef. LUCKY5 and MAXCOUNT saw 1108 and 1634 submissions respectively.

Now let’s roll the drums for the winners. 🙂 cgy4ever stands tall on the top spot of the winners step. He is closely followed by a new entrant to CodeChef, a9108cc and our Indian fellow programmer, rudradevbasak. Congratulations Guys!! A big clap for them.

We were well supported by our panel of experienced problem setters and tester in bringing out this change at the very last minute. It would have not been possible without their efforts. A special thanks to Anton Lunyov for his diligent testing duties within a short span of time. Not to forget our problem setters David Stolp, Nikhil Garg, Hiroto Sekido, Sergey Kulik, Tasnim Imran Sunny, Tomaž Hočevar and Vitaliy Herasymiv who were equally brilliant and also enthusiastic in replying to your queries and moderating the contest.

The winners for the contest are:

Global Winners:
1.) cgy4ever
2.) a9108cc
3.) Fdg
4.) rizar_xd
5.) lyrically
6.) alexey_enkov
7.) riad
8.) tanzaku
9.) Oleg
10.) v__b

Indian Winners:
1.) rudradevbasak
2.) pragrame
3.) balakrishnan_v
4.) ashish.pant
5.) razimantv
6.) rizwanhudda
7.) logic_max
8.) anshulgoyal
9.) shadow
10.) sharatiitr
11.) akshay_utkarsh
12.) mprateek
13.) abhash
14.) dudechandan123
15.) calc_saransh
16.) drakknight
17.) javadecoder
18.) sankalp91
19.) shettynamit
20.) unusual

Congratulations to each and every one of them!!

Now is the time we all have been waiting for, to see the stats for the contest :).

Length of Contest Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
10 days 2000 25279 1693
Country Total Participants Average Score per User
IN 1482 1.83
Rest of World 518 2.99

The change in the long contest format has surely been welcomed by many of you. We have seen an unusual surge in the new programmers participating in the contest. So, as we have already bragged so much, are we, at CodeChef, satisfied?… To some extent, yes. This has been an exceptional contest for CodeChef in its not so long history of 3 years 🙂 Yes, 3 years it has been since CodeChef was conceived, and if our feeling is anything to go by, you guys have started enjoying it. And that makes us happy.

Though we would like to bask in the glory of this hugely successful contest, we realize that there is a lot yet to be achieved. There is still a lot of scope for improvement and there are still so many programmers whom we have to reach out to. While most of you seem to have liked this change, we would also like to get the feedback of those, who may not have found the change to be so good. Your feedback is very valuable to us and without it, we lose direction.

So, before I bid you adieu, I request you once more, to share with us your feedback about the new long contest format on feedback@codechef.com. Be it anything, the good or the bad! We really love to hear you speak. 🙂

And not to forget, the next month’s contest is going to be our 3rd year Special Anniversary Contest <happy tears>.  Book your calendar right now for the 1st of March, 2012. We have another surprise waiting in store for you. Keep watching this space for that!

And while we take some time out tonight to celebrate this contest and then gear up to take the remaining tasks head on, we urge you to not miss out the next short contest on the 18th of this month. It is prepared by none other than the man, err, the boy leading the ranking table, Gennady Korotkevich! 🙂


Team CodeChef.

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12 Replies to “A new boost for CodeChef Long Contest!”

  1. The format of new long contest is cool, I like it. Thank you, Chef.

    I request CodeChef to release the test data after the contest. This definitely would save much time for those failed to find the bugs in their own code by themselves.  The annoying “please see my code, where is the error” words would diminish. People will learn more and be happier about CodeChef. CodeChef won’t lose anything by doing this.

    1. @hacker007: We do not share test cases for any purpose. The reason being it does not really meet our agenda of honing the skills of the programming community. More over it removes the fun element from making a correct AC submission to a problem.

      1. Glad to hear your opinion, Chef. 

        In my view, however, one tend to be frustrated even give up after trying many times fiercely but failed all the time without enough feedback. With the help of test data as kind of strong positive feedback, he would be able to learn by himself and make steady progress. 

        1. @hacker007: We could not agree with you more. However, we also feel that giving away test data is not the solution to it. There is a community out there and its fun to learning from others too. There is so much that we can learn from others when we start talking. We still believe that reading others’ solutions (which we make public) and reading the tutorials at the end of the contest are good points of learning. We agree that we have to make the site more conducive towards collaborative learning and it is in our endeavor to do so.

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