A new ‘QnA’ CodeChef forum.

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The celebrations of our 3rd anniversary are not yet over. Its time to rejoice once again as we are launching today the new Questions and Answer styled CodeChef Discuss.

We know we took a while to do this.  It started as an internship project of one of our fellow CodeCheffers, Balajiganapathi in the month of June 2011!  But then we got caught up between various other things and somehow this lost steam. We are grateful to Balaji for taking this up and today we are happy to be able to make “his project” see the light of the day. We are very hopeful that our now dormant community will benefit from this and will become more vibrant. Please read the FAQ for more details about the new forums.

Yes, the new forum site is now live. Once the DNS propagation happens you will be able to visit it at the same old URL. Till then you may face a redirection. The old forums will remain for a while at the new URL.

So what are you waiting for? Let us make asking Questions and giving Answers a fun process and in the process help each other around. For any queries or assistance related to new forums send in an email to help@codechef.com.

And please keep sending us your feedback, both good and bad. 🙂

Tojo Chacko
(Team CodeChef)

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