Roopantaran! (Facelift)

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Dear CodeCheffers,

Moving with time, CodeChef has brought you many changes. This year, with us entering into our 4th year of existence, we introduced a Brand New Forum, where people can interact and share their ideas about any queries related to contests, algorithms and anything related to programming.

We also brought you the new ELO based long contest ratings and improved our long contests by increasing the number of problems and hence providing a something for all – be it a newbie or an expert.

The changes do not stop here. We are committed to giving you a good experience along with your learning. Continuing the trend, we would like to present you some UI (User Interface) changes, which, we believe will enhance your experience on the website.

Here we go with our changes –


The time has come to be on the Top. Lead globally or in your own country and bring your country flag up. Yes you got it right , now you would be able to see your country flag on the rank lists for short and long contests. Moreover you would be able to view it on your very own profile page.


You all must have seen the stock market going high and low. Doesn’t it build up the excitement in the buyer/seller ? So now it is your time to experience the same (and even more) level of excitement. You can see your ratings in the same way. Keep your fingers crossed at the end of each contest to see how much you have gained (lost :(). Get to know about others too – how your friends fared in the last contest.

Isn’t it cool? Wait !! We still have one more cat in the bag. 🙂

Aren’t you bored of seeing your static rating graph on your profile page?  No!!! :-O That’s really nice of you 🙂 But we do!

Now you can use your CodeChef handle as your IDENTITY. See your progress report in a graphical way, not only for the long contests, but also for the short one.

And no my dear friends, this time it’s not just “see”! In fact it is “play”, “download”, “print” & “use”. These graphs are not just images. You can play around with them and zoom in for a better view. Download your rating graph in 4 different formats. Print your graph and use it wherever you want to. Put them on your Facebook walls. Share them among your friends. 🙂

I hope you all will like to use these changes as much as we have loved bringing them to you. There is still a lot more to come. Stay tuned and enjoy “coding”!

And please please please do not forget to let us know how much you love us. :).

With all well wishes “ta-ta”.

Team CodeChef.

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  1. it ws a gud facelift but wat is the real turnoff is that….

    codechef doesn’t yet have python 2.7.3
    though it provides python 3 but thtz really diff from older versions…plz upgrade soon…and d zoom on rating graph iz excellent…:)

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