AC Rushes to the top!

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Whoa!! What a contest !! It’s ACRush who rushed in furiously in the dying hours of the APRIL12 contest and won it with an incredible jump in his ratings. Being a “something for all”, the contest kept the participants glued to the keyboard and monitors till the very end. And we hope everyone out there had a great time during the contest.

ACRush grabbed the first position on the rank-list by getting over tomek and that too with a good difference of rating points. He surpassed skorknure and Gennady in the concluding moments of the contest. Kudos to him as he actually started this contest just 2 days before the end! skorknure and Gennady stack up behind him for 2nd and 3rd positions. Congratulations guys.

A fact worth noting is, the top 3 are the only contestants who solved all the 10 problems, with the perfect score belonging to ACRush. The best of the Indians on the leader board is shadow with a score of 7.96. Congratulations shadow.

The problems for this contest were carefully handcrafted and baked by our chefs Sergey KulikKaushik IskaTomaลพ Hoฤevar, ShangjingboAnhDQVitaly HerasymivIshani ParekhVamsi Kavala and the ever reliable and a now veteran David Stolp. We welcome our new problem setters on board with this contest. Say a ‘Hi’ to Kaushik Iska and Ishani Parekh. Ishani also becomes the first female in problem setting panel on CodeChef. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hiroto Sekido cleared the niggles before the problems went public. Without him the problems could have been half-cooked. A big round of applause for them please.

Now let’s quickly glance on the slightly overwhelming statistics of this contest.

Length of Contest Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
10 days 2405 34585 2108
Country Total Participants Average Score per User
IN 1887 2.13
Rest of World 518 3.12

This has the best Long contest so far in the history of CodeChef in terms of participation and submissions and we hope that we only grow from here.

And now the time to announce the top placed participants.


1.) ACRush
2.) skorknure
3.) gennady.korotkevich
4.) acube
5.) zhangjiejun
6.) pperm
7.) niyaznigmatul
8.) a9108cc
9.) Oleg
10.) fmm

Indian Winners:

1.) shadow
2.) smithinsu
3.) bloops
4.) ankit_shukla
5.) gurpreet_09
6.) ashish_massand
7.) the123abhishek
8.) logic_max
9.) javadecoder
10.) djdolls
11.) calc_saransh
12.) thesoulhacker
13.) Johar
14.) akash4983
15.) bluedestroyer
16.) sharatiitr
17.) sharpie
18.) mukulgupta
19.) svm11
20.) migdal

Congratulations to each and everyone.

We had some issue with our judge system due to which some of you may had the inconvenience of getting “internal server error” quite a few times. We are happy to announce that this has been fixed now. If anybody encounters this issue from hereon please let us know.

We also made some changes to the test data of problem PLAYFIT after the contest ended. This was necessary as an additional test data was pointed out by one of our participants. We added that test data and re-judged all submissions for this problem. For those who have now got a WA for the additional test data, we apologize for the changes after the contest ended. We could not do much in this matter.

As you guys may have noticed, we introduced Flags and newly improved ratings graphs as well as the rankings page. Hope you guys like the changes. Let us know what you guys think about the changes.

As usual the time has come to end this post. We have updated our contest ranks. See, where you stand after this contest here. The editorials for the contest can be found here. We will be hosting April Cook-Off(COOK21) on the 22nd of April. We hope the problems of the Cook-Off will be as enjoyable as this contest.

See you then.

Team CodeChef.

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18 Replies to “AC Rushes to the top!”

  1. I’m still puzzled about that tricky test case for problem PLAYFIT. It seems that the test case is not added to the practice problem, because I submitted my solution from the contest and it passed. Could anyone please give a link for the test or explain it?

  2. Things i have noticed over past on codechef :

    1) Codechef editorials are pathetic. They don’t explain anything in detail, they don’t contain suitable examples. Seems like the editorials can only be understood by people who have already solved the problems( what’s the use???).

    2) And what is the use of providing problem setter’s and tester’s solution if they don’t contain proper comments. How can anyone understand the code for tough problems by mere looking at the tedious code without any comments and use of irrelevant variables without proper naming.

    3) Admins take a very long time to comment.

    1. Never experienced the third point but two others are definitely true. I think editorial writers should learn from Topcoder’s editorial. Their editorials are lucid and nicely presented. Codechef !! Please do something about this. Thank you !!

    2. @Bhanu,Hemesh,Praveen:

      1.) ย We agree that some problem editorials are not upto the mark. We are trying to redefine the process for editorial creation and hopefully we should see better editorials within 2-3 months time.

      2.) For proper comments in the problem setter and testers solutions, we will convery your message to our problem setters/testers. We will resolve this problem by the next contest.

      3.) Sorry about that. Work is keeping us busy ๐Ÿ™‚ We try our best to reply as many emails/comments as possible. Hopefully we will try to reply frequently from now.

      Thanks for your feedback. Hope your enjoying our site.

  3. Hi Editors,
    I’ve a suggestion which will help benefit the programmer’s community. Is it possible to “tag”/categorize the problems when they are published after the contest e.g you could tag a problem relates to “Dynamic Programming”, “ad-hoc”, “sorting”, “number theory”, so that when someone practices a particular topic, the topical problems are handy!


  4. In this contest I was ranked 12th in India. I got a mail saying tha I’ll get aย  Codechef T-shirt but I haven’t recieved it till now. When am I supposed to get it ?

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