A new member in our kitchen.

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Hey CodeCheffers,

Time to flash another card from the pack. And this has been long pending. Finally, we are revamping our editorials.

Yes, the editorials that we had on our wiki till now, will be on our discussion forum going forward. You can discuss all your doubts and issues regarding any problem in a single place. From the upcoming June Challenge, each and every problem will have its editorial in the form of a community wiki on discuss. You will be able to discuss all your problem-related doubts under one roof and get them answered by a broader audience. The link to the problem editorial will appear on each problem page after the contest ends. During the contest, any queries pertaining to the problem can be discussed as comments on the problem page itself based on the guidelines mentioned here.

This is a part of the process to improve our editorials. We have been receiving a lot of feedback to revamp them to make them understandable to everyone including a newbie. We realized the fact that writing simple and explanatory editorials is a very important and time-consuming assignment and it was too much of a burden on our problem setters to take this challenge along with the task of creating amazing problems. In spite of this burden, they have been doing a great job at it. Identifying this inadequacy in our process, we have introduced a new role that will be solely responsible for creating amazing Editorials which even an enthusiastic newbie should be able to follow and learn from. With this comes a new member in our kitchen to join the problem setters and the problem testers – the Editorialist. Read more about our editorialist.

What this also does is add one more opportunity for you to be in our list of contributors. Those of you, who have been regular in our contests and might have got bored of winning and want to experience the exchange of stimulating algorithmic discussions, while the problems are being baked in our kitchen before they are served to the rest of the world, we now have a new role to contribute to CodeChef. If you think that you are up to it, please apply.

Also, we are looking out for problem creators who can create exciting Hard and Challenge problems for us. If you have not already applied, you can do so to contribute to CodeChef as a problem setter.

Do keep your eyes broadly open. More updates coming soon…

Warm regards,
Suraj Sharma

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11 Replies to “A new member in our kitchen.”

    1. Right now, we have not yet thought it out. The way we do it is that the Editorialist will be introduced to the problem setter and the tester at the time of testing the entire problem set and he gets inputs from them during the testing process. This helps the Editorialist to capture useful insights of each problem and present them in his editorials. 

      If 10 problems are too much, you may try to the Short Contests which have 5. We are still trying out various options and in future we may give the thought of breaking it down, it the burden on the editorialist gets too high. But right now this is what we want to stick to. Makes life a little easy for us admins. 🙂

      1. You can try the following. Allow the user to come up with a team of at-most two to write the editorials for you. Only one of them will be your primary contact and they should take up the entire responsibility. Between themselves they can collaborate and divide the work and fees as they think appropriate.

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