Acube fights it out for the top spot

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Hello people! We have come to the end of yet another long contest and it is that happy time again when we share the exciting happenings of the event with you. Yeah, and announce the winners too. 😉 So here we go.

The June Long Contest ends to our delight with a surprise winner at the top spot. Make way for acube, first time winner of any of our long contests. Very close on his heels we have old timer ACRush in the second place with a score of 9.978. Congratulations to both of them!

The rankings board was one interesting place to watch out for during this challenge. The top spots saw a lot of activity with a number of contenders fighting it out for coding glory. Our final winner of the challenge acube made a late entry on the leader board, only to zap up all the way to the summit. He claimed the top spot from ACRush, who till late seemed all set to finish the June Long Contest as its winner. Fighting it out till the end, ACRush finally settled in for a close second place behind acube.

Other contenders for the sweet spots at the top were pasin300058, triplem and gennady; all of them finishing in the Top Five. The tussle between them only made the June Long Contest a nail biting thrill till the very end. Amongst the Indians, it was balakrishnan_v and kriateive who came out tops, with balakrishnan_v also featuring at the 10th spot in the Global Rankings. Kudos to all of them!

On that note, let us check out the ranking lists for the contest.


1.) acube
2.) ACRush
3.) pasin30055
4.) triplem
5.) gennady.korotkevich
6.) sankear
7.) zlobober
8.) al13n
9.) Fdg
10.) EgorK


1.) balakrishnan_v
2.) kriateive
3.) shadow
4.) pulkit
5.) pragrame
6.) sharatiitr
7.) thecodegame
8.) sharky
9.) ritesh_gupta
10.) moody
11.) calc_saransh
12.) dudechandan123
13.) javadecoder
14.) logic_max
15.) pratikmoona
15.) rishabhm
15.) rizwanhudda
15.) rockaustin2k6
19.) akash4983
20.) vineetonrole

Apart from the eventful ranking lists, there was another unique reason which kept us thoroughly excited during the challenge. What a thrill it was for us when only six days into the contest we broke our previous record of participation from the community! From there on the numbers just kept climbing up, as did our anticipation. Below are the stats for the unprecedented participation and the number of correct submissions the June Long contest witnessed.

Length of Contest Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
10 days 2692 43666 2357
Country Total Participants Average Score per User
IN 2178 1.81
Rest of World 514 2.72

Wow! Those are some good numbers there. Indeed it was immensely satisfying for our chefs to see their creations being lapped up with such enthusiasm. So let’s put our hands together for the problem setters of the June Long Contest: Vitaliv Herasymiv, Shilp Gupta, IstvanNagy, Namit Shetty, Shanjingbo, Hiroto Sekido and Kaushik Iska. I also take this opportunity to welcome on board our first time problem setters IstvanNagy and Namit Shetty. Hope to see a lot of new and exciting concoctions from them in the future contests. Equally worth mentioning is the effort of Anton Lunyov, our problem tester. Thanks to his seamless coordination with a team of relatively new problem setters, and his absolute obsession for perfection, CodeChef could come up with one of its most versatile and testing set of problems.

With so much already on their plates, we thought it was only fair on our part to try and make the jobs of our setters and testers less demanding. That, combined with the long standing request of the coding community for better editorials, led us to finally revamp our editorials. Speaking of which, let me introduce everyone to the new member we have taken on board. Enter Vamasi Kavala, our very first editorialist! He went to work straightaway and has helped us come up with the new improved editorials for the June Long Contest.

Not so surprisingly, the editorials have become one of the most discussed about topics for this contest. There was a slight delay in publishing them precisely because of the extra effort that our team was putting into them. As of now we have published 9 editorials. The last one will be out there soon. Here are the links to the already published ones. Over the next few days we would be fine-tuning them even more. Starting from this long contest itself, you can locate the editorials on the discuss page at the link:<PROBLEMCODE>, where you substitute “PROBLEMCODE” with an actual problem code. You can also check out the same under the tag “editorials”.

We are super excited about your views on our all new improved editorials  and eagerly await your feedback. Do let us know what you think of them and anything else that you think will make CodeChef a better experience for everyone.

Well, I guess that is it for now. We promise to return soon with more head-scratchers with the monthly Cookoff. You can keep your coding skills in top gear till then by revisiting the problems of the June Long Contest, which are now available in the practice section to try out at convenience.

Time to sign-off for now. Don’t fret; we will be back real soon with more exciting stuff. Till then keep an eye out on this space for more news from the kitchen. 🙂


Team CodeChef

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  1. Yet another great challenge !

    One possible improvement though : in challenge problems, it would be great if you displayed the score of each solution next to the time/memory information on the page of the problem. Hence we wouldn’t have to seek it on the ‘All submission’ page (almost impossible if the winning solution was posted a long time ago) or on the user’s profile page…

    1. We realize the need, but the space is too cramped up in that view for us to show the score there. However, we have completely revamped the “All submission” page and now you should be able to see what you want. There are filters and sortable columns too. Also the pagination is no more ajaxified. The future pages can be guessed and fetched from the URL. The result code column will be made sortable too and we hope that should solve your problem completely. 

      Let us know what you think of these changes.

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