The invincible, a goof-up, and the highest numbers – The June Cook Off.

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Hey there folks! The June Cook Off is now officially over and thanks to that, we have had some really exciting 175 odd minutes of anxiety and fun. So let’s get down to the highlights of this stimulating Cook Off. Believe me, there are quite a few.

First off, let’s begin with the winners. Well, there is hardly any surprise in that quarter. It is Gennady Korotkevich who is the man of the moment, yet again. He gained a hold at the top place from the very start, maintained it throughout and almost sealed the deal just 75 minutes into the contest when he solved all the five problems of the June Cook Off. At the second place we have another short contest star, lyrically. Once he too set himself up firmly at the second place, it was a fight for the third position between the other participants. You bet that was a fierce one!

The battle for the third place was between quite a few players. We saw KADR, yeputons, al13n, anton_lunyov and EgorK fight it out for that coveted place till the end. There were so many quick changes at the third spot that it was quite difficult to guess who would secure it till the very last. Finally it was KADR who finished the Cook Off at the third spot. Congratulations to our top three finishers 🙂

With this let’s have a quick look at the Global Top Ten of the June Cook Off.

1.)  gennady.korotkevich
2.)  lyrically
3.)  KADR
4.)  yeputons
5.)  al13n
6.)  anton_lunyov
7.)  EgorK
8.)  subscriber
9.)  artem_rakhov
10.) kunyavskiy

Worth mentioning here is the come-back of EgorK, our second place short contest ranker, for a Cook Off after some time. We hope to see him more often in the future 🙂 It was also encouraging to see manan make India’s presence felt on the rank list at the 15th place. With a little more perseverance, we will hopefully see more Indians in the top rankings soon.

The June Cook Off saw a good amount of participation from the coding community, with the final number of users exceeding 860! The number of Submissions too stands at a healthy figure of over 3300. Here is the stats table for the June Cook Off.

Length of Contest Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
2.5 hours 868 3308 674
Country Total Participants
IN 664
Rest of World 204

Talking of the problems, one can say that the contest had an interesting range. Closing the Tweets was the first to be solved amongst the lot. It was also the problem with the highest number of successful submissions. It was distantly followed by Connecting Soldiers . The tougher ones of the lot were Golden Trees , Alien Chefs and Gifts at Olympics . All in all it was a varied set of problems, with something for everyone. We hope you had a gala time with the problem set 🙂

Without doubt the credit for putting up such an interesting set of problems goes to our problem setter and tester. We wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts of Anil Kishore and Hiroto Sekido , the setter and tester for this contest. Their dedication and coordination ensured that CodeChef could come up with yet another riveting batch of problems. I would also like to thank Anil Kishore for doubling up as our editorialist for this contest and take out extra time to come up with lucid and effective editorials. He has been one of our finest editorial writer for quite some time now. Do check out the editorials for the June Cook Off here and please let us know your thoughts on the new editorials. Your valuable response will be appreciated and acted upon.

It looked like a good CookOff with the highest participation ever seen over the last 23 editions! But amidst all this fanfare, let us also accept that we goofed up and goofed up badly. We had been eager to put up this long awaited feature for quite some time now. As per my tech team – “This new feature required a high query processing time and though we had tested this out, we did not consider the query load that our DB faces during a live contest. The change done to the DB engine was not well analyzed and in the excitement to give the feature to you quickly, we forgot to do the basics. A performance test was compromised.”

Needless to say, it resulted in a major embarrassment for us when we had to take the site down during a live contest to revert back the changes. But as soon as they realized the goof up, they acted fast enough to bring things back to normal. At the end of it, we know that you will forgive us and we sincerely hope that you enjoyed the problems and will love our new feature.

I guess it’s time to sign off now. Don’t forget to look out for news regarding the forthcoming July Long Contest from our kitchen. And yeah keep those fingers sharp and agile. Till we return with the new contest problems, keep them busy with the ones from the June Cook Off which are now available in our Practice Section .

As always, we ask you for your valuable feedback. Feel free to let us know any suggestion, big or small, that you may have for the CodeChef team.

Till we meet next time, it’s me saying “Goodbye people!”.


Team CodeChef

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    1. T-shirts are distributed to only the global top ten rank holders for a Cook-Off. For a Long Contest, we give tees to the global top ten winners and the first twenty Indian rank holders.

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