Our Home Page goes under the knife…

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Hello Guys and Girls,

We are back again with some visual changes – say hello to our new home page. We have been working on this since quite sometime and I am sure you guys will love it 🙂 Quite a few things have been changed and replaced. Let me try to take you through them – ride along.

The first and foremost thing you will notice is the change in the color scheme. We have tried to use lighter shade which is more pleasing to the eyes. The content blocks are re-arranged and are easy to scan through with bold headlines. We have tried to fit in as more useful content, starting with Recent Questions from our newly re-vamped forums at the centre replacing the old Recent Activity and site wide global Recent Comments on the bottom left corner. We have shrunk the recent activity section to a Submissions link on the right hand block, but fear not because the link now points an entire page dedicated for all submissions across the website. If you have not yet see it, this new page has filtering and sorting functionality to modify the view according to your needs. This page has been on the website for past 2 months and it seems that everyone is loving it.

The newly baptized Recent Questions section fetches the most latest questions from our recently revamped forums. It lists the questions along with the number of views each question received and the last user activity on it. Moreover this section is auto refreshed, meaning you need not refresh the entire page to view the latest questions. We are looking forward to your more active contribution towards our community.

The most lovable section on the home page, the banners have also been given a new look. The right and left hand side arrows have given way to buttons at the bottom of the banner which lists the name of the each banner. We have added a new Performance banner, which can be accessed by pressing the last button in the banner list. This banner will be permanently displayed and show the top contributors on our forums, along with the top long contest and short contest rankers. The top contributors are dynamically fetched from our forums and the latest top five contributors for a given month are listed here. This list is refreshed every 10 minutes. So, from now on, whoever have the highest karma by the virtue of answering most number of questions or getting most votes and has the most activity during the current month will be enlisted here 🙂 The banners will auto scroll after 4 seconds and if you want to stop this auto scrolling to get a better view of a banner, just hover your mouse over the banner.

The Facebook Fan Box has been changed to match the color theme of the home page and moved to the right hand bottom section and fits quite well with other components.

We have been working hard to try and make the site as useful and as feature rich has possible. This home page design change is a step towards that objective. Hope you guys like the changes. Feel free to let us know what you think about our new home page. Mail it to us at feedback@codechef.com or just post a message on our Facebook Wall.

So long then, till next time.

Best Regards,
Tojo Chacko,
Team CodeChef.

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