A big shout out to the ACM ICPC World Finalists and Go for Gold Winners 2012!

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With immense pleasure we would like to congratulate Team Proof – IIT Delhi and Team TuringMachine – IIIT Hyderabad for doing what no Indian team has been able to do so far.

Both teams jointly secured the 18th position in the “Olympics of Programming Competitions” the ACM ICPC World Finals 2012. The event was held in Warsaw, Poland this July and it is for the very first time in the history of the competition that an Indian team has been able to secure a position within the top #20! We are extremely proud of you all for this very prestigious achievement!

Directi’s Go for Gold initiative promised to give away the prestigious Go for Gold Trophy and huge cash prize to the team that beats the 29th position at the world finals – the best any team had been able to do thus far. Two years since the launch and we are ecstatic to have two teams that can rightfully claim this!

To carry out the felicitation ceremony we invited both teams to our Mumbai office a few weeks ago. While Nadeem Moidu and Anish Shankar from TuringMachine were unable to make it, we had a great time meeting the team’s third member Kunal Jain and all three members from Team Proof – Rudradev Basak, Nikhil Garg and Pradeep George Mathias.

During the felicitation we handed over the Go for Gold Trophy and giant cheques worth a collective cash prize of Rs.8,04,717. We also had the opportunity to hear about the team’s experiences in Warsaw and have them inspire other young and budding programmers at Directi. With the felicitation done, fun and games ensued.

Be a part of some memorable moments of the day by checking out some of our photographs below.

You can check more pictures here.

Basil Skariah.

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