CodeChef will be down for code deployment.

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Hi Guys,

We will be taking down CodeChef and its associated websites down for maintenance and code deployment. We apologize for doing this in the middle of a running contest but we will be pushing some improvements in terms of performance which should give the website some boost. It is really good news for us that CodeChef is growing exponentially over the past one year but that does present our engineering team some new challenges. We are working to improve the site performance and have a couple of more updates which should be pushed next week.

The website will be down from 12th Oct 2012 7am (IST) to 12th Oct 2012 11am (IST) for a period of approximately 4 hours. For those not in the IST timezone here is the link to find the time in your part of the world.

Thank you for bearing with us.

-Keeping Coding,

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