The Roller-Coaster ride of the September Challenge and Cook-Off

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The past few months at CodeChef sure have been some of the more hectic ones around. The team has been running at max loads trying to keep things in check, but we have had our fair share of issues.

There have been a few things that have kept us going though; things that we refer to as strengths amongst ourselves. And YOU GUYS rank at the top of the lists. From suggestions to bug spotting, the patience and support has been exemplary. This is why; it’s a round of applause for each one of you’ll from us!

Speaking of Applause, the announcement of the winners of both our contests in September, our September CookOff and the September Challenge, have been due for some time now. But before the names are revealed, it is time for some Contest Stats. The numbers behind the CodeChef Contests have been growing at a healthy pace each month.

Contest Stats: September Long 2012

Length of Contest Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
10 days 3293 51293 2706
Country Total Participants Average Score per User
IN 2649 1.72
Rest of World 644 2.97

Contest Stats: September Cook-Off 2012

Length of Contest Unique Participants Total Number of Submissions User who have solved at least one problem
2.5 hrs 1404 7510 1126
Country Total Participants Average Score per User
IN 1170 1.36
Rest of World 234 2.44

As can be seen above, September too has followed in the same vein and the numbers sure have brought out a few smiles on our faces. But we’re out here, cheering along as we present Our Stars – the CodeChef Contest Winners.

For the September CookOff, we’ve had the bright minds below taking the honours:

1. mikhailOK
2. acube
3. mmaxio
4. anton_lunyov
5. monyura
6. mugurelionut
7. EgorK
9. uwi
10. forifchen

Also vying for their share of the glory are the winners of the September Challenge with the spotlight on each one of those mentioned below:


1. ACRush
2. damians
3. acube
4. aurinegro
5. piob
6. Krig
7. EgorK
8. Oleg
9. emkjp
10. alexey_enkov


1. djdolls
2. kriateive
3. arijit91
4. balakrishnan_v
5. sharatiitr
6. guru991
7. sarangbh
8. pikku
9. Paresh Verma
10. ankit_shukla
11. anudeep2011
14. dead_coder
17. dosa
18. blackBird
19. mohammadmaaz
20. sunny816.iitr
21. logic_max
22. shivamrana
23. akash4983
24. selfcompiler

Those of you’ll whose names haven’t been featured in this edition of the winners list, don’t lose hope. We’ve got many more contests and challenges lined up for you and we’re hopeful that there’ll be a new list of names in the editions to come.  To help you along in your quest, the problems from this round of contests are now available in the practice section. So do have a go at them as you prepare for the one’s to come.

It’s that time of the post where we bid adieu.  But before we ask you’ll for your precious feedback, here’s to our talented team of problem setters, problem testers and editorialists. These guys sure have our deepest gratitude for their efforts in keeping the CodeChef flag flying high, come rain or shine!

So, that’s it folks!


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