The Missing Bricks From The Wall

Nothing upsets us more than a missing link in the story. We are very particular about our stories and like to have them complete....
4 min read

A Fine Closure To The Year

December does not seem to be a predictor-friendly month. Be it the apocalypse prediction from the Mayans or Sachin Tendulkar playing one more World...
2 min read

ACM ICPC Amritapuri Regional 2012-13 Problems

Hi all, Please find below the links to the problems that appeared in the ACM ICPC Amritapuri Regional 2012-13. Problem A Problem B Problem...
1 min read

SPOJ judge is UP !!

Hello CodeCheffers, SPOJ judge is UP again. You can submit your solutions now. Thank you for bearing with us. Happy Coding 🙂 -Abhijeet Team...
1 min read

SPOJ judge down!

Hi CodeCheffers, We are not able to connect to spoj servers as it is down due to some technical issues. Due to this, you...
1 min read