The Missing Bricks From The Wall

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Nothing upsets us more than a missing link in the story. We are very particular about our stories and like to have them complete. Moreover, we think, no one likes to hear a story that has some missing links.

This is why when we missed announcing the winners and highlights of our previous five contests we were not happy. But, as they say, “all’s well that ends well”, to end the year on a happy note and to put the missing bricks into our 2012 wall of fame, we bring you the complete details of October Challenge 2012, October Mega Cook-Off 2012, November Challenge 2012, November Cook-Off 2012, and December Challenge 2012.

Let’s get it rolling with the first missing link October Challenge 2012.

The October Challenge 2012 had once again Anton Lunyov as the tester also doubling up as our editorialist, while the problems were set up by Kaushik Iska, Vitalij Kozhukhivskij, Khadar BashaVitaliy Herasymiv, Roman RubanenkoVamsi KavalaGaoyuan Chen, Hiroto Sekido and Nikhil Garg. With its ups and downs, the October Challenge maintained the excitement all through the contest duration and turned out to be an exciting one. It was also the only contest that got extended to a marathon 15 days!

The key stats for the October Challenge 2012 are:

  • Total Users: 2824
  • Total Submissions: 58325
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 2365
  • Total users from India: 2292
  • Total users not from India: 532

The Global Top Ten positions for the October challenge are:

  1. ACRush
  2. tomek
  3. venuswitharms
  4. acube
  5. kohyatoh
  6. triplem
  7. KADR
  8. emkjp
  9. iscsi
  10. alexey_enkov

The Indian Top Twenty standings are:

  1. shaleen
  2. pragrame
  3. ankit_ism
  4. arijit91
  5. anudeep2011
  6. ranjith1610
  7. guru991
  8. sidhantgoyal
  9. pikku
  10. djdolls
  11. balakrishnan_v
  12. sharatiitr
  13. mukulgupta
  14. clow_reed
  15. dumbhead
  16. svm11
  17. sakuag333
  18. blackBird
  19. rajaramiit1245
  20. amitbaranwal53

The thrilling October challenge set the tone for the October Mega Cook-Off 2012 perfectly. It had Gennady Korotkevich as the problem setter, while the problem tester and editorialist for the contest was  Shilp Gupta.

The key stats for the October Mega Cook-Off 2012 are:

  • Total Users: 1472
  • Total Submissions: 4500
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1270
  • Total users from India: 1234
  • Total users not from India: 238

The Top Ten winners for the October 2012 CookOff are:

  1. gerald
  2. KADR
  3. Fdg
  4. al13n
  5. fhlasek
  6. ilyakor
  7. uwi
  8. monyura
  9. kamranmaharov
  10. aropan

Right from the beginning, the October CookOff saw some brilliant minds going up against each other, producing a contest that kept us all on the edge our seats.

The exciting October contests and the impending festive season had us all fueled up for the November Challenge 2012 and by the end of the contest our festivity was at its peak. The November Challenge 2012 saw the same amount of enthusiasm and joy from the participants as it got from us. The problem tester for the contest was Hiroto Sekido, while Shilp Gupta donned the editorialists’ hat. The array of problems were set up by Khadar Basha, David Stolp, Roman Rubanenko, Vitaliy Herasymiv,  Imran Sunny, Tomaz Hocevar, Vitalij Kozhukhivskij, Kaushik IskaVamsi Kavala and Vinayak Garg.

The key stats for the November Challenge 2012 are:

  • Total Users: 2572
  • Total Submissions: 33099
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 2261
  • Total users from India: 2015
  • Total users not from India: 557

The Global Top Ten positions for the November challenge are:

  1. ACRush
  2. mugurelionut
  3. damians
  4. venuswitharms
  5. anton_lunyov
  6. iscsi
  7. dj3500
  8. acube
  9. stzgd
  10. bela_mervado

While, the Indian Top Twenty standings are:

  1. vineetpaliwal
  2. shaleen
  3. balakrishnan_v
  4. mukulgupta
  5. sameer47
  6. ankit_ism
  7. thecodegame
  8. smithinsu
  9. saurabh_verma
  10. nishchay2192
  11. anudeep2011
  12. pallavtinna
  13. akash4983
  14. saurabhmodi102000
  15. javadecoder
  16. suh_ash2008
  17. blackBird
  18. shadow
  19. ykg2910
  20. devbrat

Following the holiday vacations and riding on the response we got for our November Challenge, we were all set to embark upon the November CookOff 2012. With Vitaliy Herasymiv on the problem setter’s bench, Anton Lunyov on the problem tester’s desk and Shilp Gupta on the editorialist’s table we were assured of putting up a great show. And that we did.

However, call it the tough problem set or the post-holiday hangover, the response this time around wasn’t as we expected it to be. The key stats for the November CookOff 2012 were as below:

  • Total Users: 736
  • Total Submissions: 4179
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 605
  • Total users from India: 542
  • Total users not from India: 194

The November CookOff 2012 began with a bang as we received our first accepted submission inside the first 3 minutes of the contest and 300 users joining inside first 30 minutes of the contest.  The problem set this time around proved to be among the toughest we had, as the 5th problem remained unsolved, but still the participants were pleased with the contest. The superb blend of problem set took some time by the contestants to get hold of but eventually turned out to be the key ingredient of the impressive contest. The praise from all spoke for the success of the contest and we were pleased to have that.

The Top Ten rankings for the November CookOff 2012 are:

  1. gennady.korotkevich
  2. laycurse
  3. yeputons
  4. raveman
  5. mikhailOK
  6. darinflar
  7. kunyavskiy
  8. sereja
  9. al13n
  10. Fdg

Overall, the November CookOff  2012 turned out to be a fascinating contest between some of the finest minds among us and gave us a great thrust as we moved on to the last leg of the year, the December Challenge 2012.

As we entered the last month of the year, the chills of December were all around. Wrapped in our winter wears, our cooks prepared a set of 10 hot problems for the contest and we served them just as they intended them to be – hot and spicy. The problems for the contest were set up by Ankul Garg, Vinayak GargIvan ZdomskyKhadar Basha, Tuan Anh Tran Dang, Vamsi Kavala, Bruno Oliveira, Anton Lunyov, Roman Rubanenko and  Anton Lunyov. Hiroto Sekido handled the problem testing, while Ashar Fuadi wrote the elaborate editorials.

The contest began on a high note, with more than 450 submissions coming in the first five hours of the contest! As it progressed, the competition began heating up and we saw frequent changes in the rankings, in the number of submissions made as well as in the number of contestants taking part. The signs were all leading towards a great action filled contest and that is what we got when the December Challenge ended.

The key stats for the December Challenge 2012 are:

  • Total Users: 2558
  • Total Submissions: 46176
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1956
  • Total users from India: 1983
  • Total users not from India: 575

The Global Top Ten positions for the December challenge are:

  1. ACRush
  2. xcwgf666
  3. mugurelionut
  4. thocevar
  5. alex_2oo8
  6. ushsh
  7. pva701
  8. fandes
  9. binon
  10. pperm

The Indian Top Twenty ranks are:

  1. djdolls
  2. biltharesatyendra
  3. balakrishnan_v
  4. pratikmoona
  5. kriateive
  6. sharatiitr
  7. shadow
  8. n2n_
  9. sameer47
  10. shaleen
  11. npsabari
  12. kuldeepfouzdar
  13. mf101
  14. vineetpaliwal
  15. floydfan
  16. rishabhraj93
  17. vineetonrole
  18. viv001
  19. rishabh537
  20. pallavtinna

Finally, the last big challenge of 2012 brought closure to the year on a pleasing note. We had our fair share of highs and lows throughout the year with and without the contests. However, we are pleased with the way things turned out. And all this would not have happened with your continuous support and feedback throughout the year.

Now that we’re done with the contests of this year, we will be focusing all our energies towards shipping the prizes and goodies to all the winners at the earliest. Keep checking your mailbox.

We would also like to convey our special thanks to Anton and Hiroto for their constant support in every sphere.

We’d love to hear your feedback, experiences and suggestions for the year that was, and your expectations for the coming year from us. Please keep them coming.

In the end, here’s Team CodeChef wishing you all A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Team CodeChef

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