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Let us confess, winters are not our favorite time of the year. They make us lazy and bring us a lot of work! And they also make us present to you something that we had launched way back in 2012 and you are already using!

The “submissions” feature will let you view every single submission ever made on CodeChef, since the beginning of the time! Well, okay, since the inception of CodeChef. The archive of all the submissions ever made on CodeChef (and that is over 1.5 million and counting!) is now available for you to search, sort, see and learn. It might sound too tempting to be true, but it is. And isn’t that awesome? Let us brag a bit and say yes it is. 😛 And hold on, the awesomeness does not end there.

In addition to seeing all the submissions, it also allows you to:

  • Filter submissions based on any specific “Language”. We have been bragging all this while that we have over 40 programming languages listed! But now you can make use of it to learn your favorite language here. Need to learn input/output in Java, Python, Go, Scala or Erlang? It just a few clicks away.
  • Filter submissions based on their “Result”. Now you can see all Accepted (AC) solutions in F# or Scala, ever made on CodeChef! Or how people can get Time Limit Exceeded (TLE) in C programming language! 😛
  • Explore submissions made by any specific “User”, for any “Problem” and in any “Contest”. And to assist you in this there is an auto complete feature that just increases the awesomeness. 😀
  • And on top of that sort all your filtered submissions based on execution time and memory consumed!

If you have not already explored it, check it out right now here and let us know how much you love us for this.

If you have used it and are in awe, we are dying to hear some praises 😛  And if you still want to play picky, and want us to fix another bug, we will have to hear that too!

In any case, we will be eagerly waiting for your review and feedback as we always do, so please keep them coming.

Till next time, Adios Everybody!

Team CodeChef

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    1. @cd6ae6d7085bce85adbd5aa9f273ecb1:disqus: This seems an interesting suggestion. Can you tell us how this could be useful? Right now we do not store the size of the solution and hence this will take us some effort to do this. If we can know more about the usefulness of this feature, it will serve as a motivation for us to add to out priority log. 🙂

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