Come Relive The ACMC ICPC Amritapuri Thrill This Weekend

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If only there was a time machine, we all would have wanted to go to times where we have been and where we want to be. Sadly, it is still a far cry. However, though we don’t have a time machine, yet this weekend we will take you on time travel with the reply of ACM-ICPC Amritapuri onsite regionals 2012.

We are conducting another programming contest this weekend, featuring the problem set from ACMC ICPC, Amritapuri site. This is your chance to give a shot at the problems from ACM ICPC regionals.

We are thankful to Prof. Anand Shenoy for providing us with the problem set used during the onsite contest. The details for the contest are given below.

  • Date:  25th January 2013 (15:00 hours IST) to 28th January 2013 (15:00 hours IST). Check your timezone here.
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Problems: 11  from different difficulty level.

So, here’s a chance for you all to give a shot at the ACM ICPC problem set. We cordially welcome you all to be part of a blast from the past, this weekend.

In anticipation of a great weekend ahead, adios everybody.

Team CodeChef

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7 Replies to “Come Relive The ACMC ICPC Amritapuri Thrill This Weekend”

  1. I’ve been nicely impressed with the quality of the problems from the ACM-ICPC Amritapuri regional contest. Many of them were quite challenging. I also liked the length of the contest (3 days). Within a normal ACM-ICPC contest time frame (5 hours) I would have either not participated (because of having other activities scheduled) or I wouldn’t have solved the more difficult problems (and I wouldn’t have got back to them after the contest).

    1. 🙂 Thanks mugurelionut. This is exactly why we put the problems in the contest. Kudos to the Amritapuri team and the problem setters for making such a nice set. We are glad that you liked it. All the editorials will be up soon.

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