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We are amongst those few who come up with a million ideas on a single day. We do not know what causes this, but it has worked for us nicely. On an otherwise mundane day of January, we got this fabulous idea of putting ‘fab’ (as in fabulous), for February making it ‘Fab’ruary. And we were serious. However, how shall we be doing it, none of us thought! But, thanks to you guys, our ever-growing and responsible community and also the ever-reliable Mr Anton, as a result of the prolonged online discussion we reached some concord.

Taking all the points into consideration, once again we were in the conference hall hitting each other with ideas (we love to call it brainstorming), discussing ways of accomplishing it. And after a thoroughly intense session ***wink*** we came to some unanimous outcomes, that aptly fulfilled our objective of our having a ‘fab’ruary. What are those outcomes you say? Read on…

Firstly, we decided to start our long Challenges on the first Friday of every month. You will have to wait till April to notice this change. Yippy. Now, you will say “Why on first Friday?” It is because starting the challenge on the first Friday of every month gives most contestants two weekends of participation. This, we think is fabulous for everyone and the problem setters as well as for us. 🙂 Isn’t it?

Secondly, we have decided on introducing some more goodies for the participants. This must catch your attention! But wait, the kitty is not completely out of the bag yet. In order to get your hands around these goodies, you will have to make yourself eligible for them. Now you must be thinking, “How do I do that?”. It is simple. It has always been simple. Starting February Long Challenge, 3 Indian and 3 non-Indian participants, having the highest score for the “Challenge” problem will be eligible to receive these additional goodies. These 6 participants will be those who are outside the top 10 non-Indian and top 20 Indian participants of the long Challenge. More reasons to give the fabulous challenge problem its due. 🙂 Don’t you think so?

Now, let’s lift curtains from the final fabulous surprise. From February onwards, top 5 Indian participants in every CookOff will also receive goodies, in addition to the global top 10. This means, from now onwards, Indian masterminds will also get a prize from every CookOff, in addition to immense accolades and bragging rights. So, brush up your CookOff skills and get ready to make an impact on the smaller format of the contest as well.

Combine all the aforementioned beginnings and the month of February marks the beginning of many things fabulous. So, do not wait. There is a lot more to be won. Put on your coding hats and get ready for the imminent contests.

If, you have anything to say about our new beginnings, you can always send them our ways at feedback@codechef.com or drop us a line below

Till next time, adios everybody.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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8 Replies to “‘Fab’ruary”

  1. I have already said this before but looks like codechef has ignored it for some reasons (if so I want to what???). One of the main motivation of codechef and people participating in its challeges is “Go for Gold” in the ACM- ICPC. Surely enough great minds like rudradevbasak, balakrishnan_v and djdolls and many others wont be able to bring the gold anymore as they are now professionals. So my question is why separate contestants as Indian / Global? Why not Indian College students /Others. I am sure those already proved great minds would like to compete with the other legendary figures like AC_RUSH, EgorK and others. This would be a great encouragement for college students like me and others. I hope people will agree to whatever I have said.

    1. @phantom11: First of all, let us tell you that we have not ignored your suggestion. 🙂 Yes, you had mentioned a similar suggestion earlier on our feedback email and from there we did add a feature of institution dashboard in our priority list. However, due to various reasons we have not yet been able to implement the same as yet. It’s a smallish team out here and we have been busy with various other activities and features, that you may have come across and hopefully you also like them.

      Now coming to your point, we would like to mention that while “Go for Gold” in the ACM-ICPC is a big motivation for the participants on CodeChef, the audience of CodeChef is not just limited to those (including Indian programmers). At CodeChef, we want to provide the most conducive environment to the programmers across the globe including the budding programmers as well as the established one. This gives budding programmer great motivation, as they get to compete with the veterans, while the established ones taste some fresh challenge to their throne.

      Your point should be handled once we come up with the institution dashboard, where one will be able to compare his performance against others in his college. Also there are other features in the pipeline based on user’s feedback where in you should be able to select group of contestants and track your performance against them. We hope to see them in near future.

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