February Contest results

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Falling to the fallacies of laziness is a recurring occurrence in our lives. However, somehow we overcame it once again, got our act together, and wrote this blog post summarizing the two February contests. Now that you have seen the meteor shower in Russia, and gone through what is going on in Vatican City, let us take you through all that has happened in and during the two CodeChef contests!

Let us begin with the February 2013 Long Challenge. With the problem set from Khadar Basha, David Stolp, Vinayak Garg, Vitaliy Herasymiv, Roman Rubanenko, Sergey Kulik, Tasnim Imran Sunny, Shanjingbo, Bruno Oliveira, and Kaushik Iska, problem testing by Hiroto Sekido and editorials by Pradeep Mathias the February Challenge had all the ingredients of a mouthwatering contest. And the response did speak for its deliciousness.

Being the first contest to begin on “First Friday” of the month (read ‘Fab’ruary) the February Challenge offered two weekends to the participants. This included the “Valentine week.” Oh yeah, apparently it is a thing. 🙂 Nevertheless, we saw submissions pouring like the cute & cuddly gifts that pour in at this time of the year. Beginning with nine problems in the offering (we did work hard and we are still trying to improve on that) the February challenge did not take too long to take off. And as the contest progressed, it just got better.

The rank tables, both Indian and global, saw some new visitors in anudeep2011, sakuag333, Alfonso2 Peterssen and Di Wang at different instances. Although, their stay at the top was not prolonged, as the almighty ACRush claimed his position in the last leg. All this was happening alongside the continually mounting submissions that continued even at the very last moment of the contest. By the time the February challenge ended, we had viewed a contest with the highest participation and maximum submissions! The relentlessly changing rank-list only added to our enticing experience.

Now, to share some of that joy and excitement with you, let us take you through the rank tables of February Challenge 2013.

The top ten international winners are:

The top twenty Indian winners are:

And, as we promised, here are the 3 Indian and global participants, having the highest score for the “Challenge” problem in February Challenge 2013, who will also receive goodies.



Kudos to them for taking on the challenge of cracking the Challenge problem!

Some other vital stats for the contest were:

  • Total Users: 4093
  • Total Submissions: 50944
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 3474
  • Total users from India: 3364
  • Total users not from India: 729

Riding high on the love we received for our February 2013 Challenge, we were all geared up for the impending February Cook-Off 2013. The preparations for the contest were all in place, so we were contented with ourselves. The Cook-Off kicked off on time with problem set from Anton Lunyov. The problem testing and editorials were handled by Hiroto Sekido and Ashar Fuadi respectively.

The February Cook-Off had a lot riding on it after the huge participation in the February challenge. Hence, we were all excited from the very start of the contest. Sadly though, the excitement was short lived, as the initial load on the servers again caused connectivity issues, which many of you faced and reported. Putting all the excitement to rest, the team got working again and tried resolving the issue which took a while before things were restored to normal. By the time things calmed down, some damage was done, as many users got time penalties that they did not deserve by making repeated submissions of the same solution. After the initial bumps, the contest was back on track as the seamless submissions and participation continued.

In addition to the initial hiccups, there was an additional hurdle in the form of MINWDSUM, which no one could get over. Only this time, we were slightly less worried about the severity of the problem. After all, what is a contest without any test? The MINWDSUM problem remained unsolved until the end of the contest. Even though we saw programming pros like Gennady Korotkevich paving their way into the top after being last seen in November. The sudden return of Gennady Korotkevich at the top was soon overshadowed by xcwgf666 and that pulled us all to the edge of our seats. The last leg of the competition saw a lot of toppling and tumbling at the top of the rank table, as fhlasek and uwi snatched first & second runner up spots respectively after xcwgf666 cemented his place at the top. Despite the initial glitches and one unsolved problem in the end, the February Cook-Off 2013 was a decent contest.

The technical glitch at the beginning of the contest resulted in several unintentional submissions causing incorrect penalties. This time we have taken additional effort to invalidate all such submissions so that they do not affect the calculation of ratings. The rankings have been updated too.

So, let us have a look at the rank list of February Cook-Off.

Now, let us have a look at the stats for the February Cook-Off.

  • Total Users: 1126
  • Total Submissions: 6449
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 838
  • Total users from India: 915
  • Total users not from India: 211

Overall, both the February contests brought to us a lot of love in the month of love. And we are thankful to each and every one of you for that. We would also like to thank our panel of problem setter, tester, and editorialist for providing us with the ingredients to cooking great contests. And a round of applause for our team of engineers who ensure smooth (Okay, almost smooth) running of the contest. Come on! Be a sport, they do deserve a small pat on the back.

For all the questions, queries and quarrels you can always reach to us at feedback@codechef.com.

For now, that is all from CodeChef.

See you all at the contests!

Team CodeChef

P.S.:- You all are cordially invited to CodeChef’s fourth-anniversary challenge on 1st March. Do send in your wishes and presents to wish us Happy B’Day.

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