Moving into a New Kitchen.

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It is a heart breaking time here. A marriage is coming to an end. It is time to get out of a 3 year old committed relationship. And it makes us sad. Our server has been the most committed one. It has withstood all that has come its way and in 3 hard long years it has never let us down. We have not witnessed a single hiccup from the hardware – yes, all those down times were due to application failures or software issues. At this parting time, the least we can do is confess.

But as all good things have to come to an end, so has to to be this relationship. And it is not without a reason. Our users are growing in good numbers. Every contest is seeing greater participation. It has been our endeavor to provide you a better experience. And along with your growing love, it has become important for us to move on to a new kitchen, a more scalable infrastructure. Yes, we are moving on to the cloud. We have been working on this since the last few weeks and now we think we are ready to take the plunge.

Tomorrow, at 8:30 AM IST we will be making the move and it is expected to be over in 4 hours. We will need a downtime for this migration. Though we have been working hard on testing every aspect of the system, since this is a complete infrastructure overall, there might be some initial hiccups. Parts of site may get slow, links may break. We request you to use the site thoroughly in the next few days and report any bug/issue to immediately. We are waiting here to fix all of them. We also regret this downtime. But we hope that it is only for a better tomorrow.

So here is the plan. The new site will be available at You may not have to do anything apart from deleting your browser cookies. All your requests will be automatically routed to the new url. And after a few days, if everything goes well, we will get back on to our loved url But this cannot happen without your participation. Please use the system and send us your feedback.

For any queries, doubts, questions, hatred or love, please write to us at


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22 Replies to “Moving into a New Kitchen.”

    1. This is a very fair point. We already have this in our priority log as we have received similar requests earlier. We will surely consider this in near future. Till then please bear with us.

      1. From another perspective – I very much like to see the top runtimes during competition. This motivates me to keep trying on a particularly difficult problem, and shows me that it’s possible to be at the top if I really try. The competitiveness to produce the most efficient algorithm possible is what keeps me coming back each month.

        All I ask is that if you do decide to hide the scoreboard, could you make it optional? Thanks!

        1. Good point. The answer will be yes. The point is that the problem page is a bit cluttered. The feature will not die. Just that it will be at a different place. We need to work on the UI to see what fits where.

  1. When you move the contest problems to ‘practice section’ , you should move their successful submissions as well. Currently, in order to view the best solution, I have to check ‘practice section’ as well as ‘contest section’

  2. The most irritating i found is how to locate myself on the rank list after the competition ends, mainly i got this problem for “long contest”.

  3. The most irritating i found is how to locate myself on the rank list after the competition ends. Mainly i got this problem for “long contest”, as the list too long and multiple pages have to be turn around.

  4. These days, technology really makes things flow so smoothly and migrations and moving systems happen so quickly! Of course to any business, down time is not good, but think about how far we’ve come now in comparison to years ago! We are light speeds faster than before!

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