Progress report of April contests

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There are plenty of reasons to cheer for April. If you are a student, it marks the beginning of long summer vacations and if you are a CodeChef user, it brings the monthly programming challenges. Those are the two reasons we can think of. We’re sure you have more. Now, we know it has been a while since the April contests got over and it’s a bit too late to publish this post. We regret the delay. And would try and be more punctual in future. For now, let us take you back to the April contests and relive the chills and thrills that they witnessed.

The April Challenge 2013 had Vamsi Kavala, Jay Pandya, Bruno Oliveira, Kaushik Iska, Roman Rubanenko, Anton Lunyov, Vitaliy Herasymiv, Tom Chen, and David Stolp aboard as our problem setters. While, the problem-setting panel had some familiar names, there were two new ones in Tom Chen and Jay Pandya, who were contributing their first problem for CodeChef. A big welcome to both of them. Hiroto Sekido handled problem testing, while the editorials came from the omnipresent Anton Lunyov. The problem setters did a superb job with the problems. We kicked off the April Challenge 2013 with nine problems, as the tenth one needed some garnishing and hence, it was served a bit later. However, that did not affect the proceedings of the contest. And the submissions flowed in right from the beginning.

MAXDIFF was the first problem to receive an accepted submission followed by LEVY. Inside first fifteen minutes of the contest, we had received submissions on five of our problems. Not many were AC, though. But that indicated the fervor of the participants. Right from the first submission, the race to the top was on. And the participants went all out to make it to the peak. It was clear with the constantly changing names at the top of rank tables. From comparatively novice aurinegro, to the experienced viv001, we saw many different names acquiring the top spot at one point or the other.

While, there were some familiar names featuring at the top, there were some not so familiar names as well. It is sheer pleasure to have new names fighting for the top slot. These twists and twirls at the top kept us all guessing till the very end. An interesting turn of event was djdolls’ claim to the top of Indian charts from the very early stage of the contest to the final leg and then disappearing completely. We were shocked to not see him among the winners. However, the other names on the rank charts did made us happy.

Here are the final key stats for April Challenge 2013 in totality.

  • Total Users: 3628
  • Total Submissions: 68760
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 2888
  • Total users from India: 1786
  • Total users not from India: 1842

After those staggering figures, let us have a look at winner tables.

The International rank table features:

  1. winger
  2. mugurelionut
  3. scli
  4. khkhkh
  5. monyura
  6. Fdg
  7. fattypenguin
  8. sankear
  9. tomek
  10. aurinegro

The Indian rank tables had:

  1. viv001
  2. davisisac
  3. amitbaranwal53
  4. anudeep2011
  5. amnsinghl
  6. sh3ll
  7. abhijith
  8. barca
  9. mayank99
  10. nihalb
  11. sameer47
  12. rock21293
  13. iit2010024
  14. abbi031892
  15. akash4983
  16. aman181993
  17. anunay_arunav
  18. banarun
  19. divanshu
  20. n2n_
  21. sunny08
  22. vineetonrole

Now, let’s move on to our special achievers club and congratulate the users with highest scores for Challenge problem in April Challenge 2013.



Big congratulations to all the winners.

The numbers combined with the rank tables reflects the gratifying response to April Challenge 2013. This keeps us all pumped up to bring better contests and shows the great work done by our panel of problem setters, tester and editorialist. So, a special round of applause for them. You can always share your thoughts and opinions about the contest with us. We love reading and replying to them. Also, check out the editorials for the April Challenge 2013 here.

By the time the April Challenge 2013 got over we reached mid April, and the preparation for the April Cook-Off was on. Vitaliy Herasymiv chopped the problem set for the cook-off, while Hiroto Sekido took care of problem testing. The editorials came from the kitchen of Pradeep Mathias. The April Cook-Off started in style with first accepted submission coming inside three minutes on AMMEAT by aircube. As we moved into the April Cook-Off, the contest started heating up, with seasoned players like anton_lunyov, KADR, and yeputons going all out to claim the top spot.

The constant changing names atop the rank charts indicated a healthy contest. However, pros like anton_lunyov and yeputons dominated the rank charts for larger duration. Nevertheless, there were instances of their dominance being challenged by the likes of dzhulgakov, who was last seen in our Silver Jubilee Cook-off. We love such comebacks. The nicely balanced problem set gave everyone enough excitement, from the very start till the end. After a lot of toppling at the top of the rank tables, dzhulgakov emerged as a clear winner for the contest followed by anton_lunyov and yeputons as first and second runner up respectively.

Now let us take you through the rank list of April Cook-off, featuring some familiar as well as some not-so-familiar names.

A big round of applause for all the winners, and for everyone who was a part of our April Cook-off.

Let alone a couple of twists in the rank tables, the April Cook-Off was a rather calm contest with everybody enjoying the problem set to the fullest. The numbers for April Cook-off were not mind blowingly high, but were satisfying enough. Here are all the key stats for you.

  • Total Users: 1118
  • Total Submissions: 5948
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 920
  • Total users from India: 860
  • Total users not from India: 258

Overall, the April Cook-off was a smooth contest with good participation and performance. We enjoyed every bit of the contest and hope that you did so as well. We would like to thank our problem setter, tester, and editorialist for yet another successful contest. The editorials of the contest have been uploaded, so go check them now here in case you haven’t done that yet.

That is all from all of us here at CodeChef. We hope you are enjoying the May Challenge 2013. If you have any queries, suggestions, or feedbacks, you can always shoot them to us at

See you all at the contests

Team CodeChef

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      1. Is it so ?
        Because same thing happened in January Challenge too. Seven people shared the twentieth spot and all of them were given the codechef goodies. You can check the following link:

        Also it doesn’t seems to be fair. Because all of them are at the 14th rank. Just because their username is lexicographically higher than others users sharing the same score, they are not included in the top twenty list.

        1. Hey Vineet, it was a small mistake from my side while drafting the list. Yes, you are absolutely correct there are two more users among the top twenty. I have included their names in the list and shall be contacting them soon for their goodies.

          It seems you are one of the two said winners. So, a big congratulations. And once again apologies for the error. πŸ™‚

        2. Hi Vineet, it was a slight mistake from my side. I have rectified it and have included the two names that featured in the top twenty among Indian participants. And yes, we award all the participants that ranks among the top twenty, irrespective of count of the users. So, kindly ignore my previous message.

          I have sent the congratulatory mail to both the winners, so shall be receiving yours soon. πŸ™‚

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