The late conquest of dzhulgakov

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Everyone has his own reasons to be excited about a Sunday. For anyone who’s into competitive programing, nothing compares to the excitement of going up against some of the biggest names in the programming world. And for us, that excitement comes in form of making it happen. Yes, we have our reason in the form of the monthly Cook-Off’s. With that thought let’s take you through the absolutes of our May Cook-Off 2013.

Beginning on the heels of  May Challenge 2013, the Cook-Off did not gave us ample time to take a breather.

And although, we have had a successful shift to the cloud, there still was a lot to be taken care of. Yes, we were running our errands a little over our capacity. We’re hardworking creatures, you see. Finally, somehow, we did manage to get things in place, moments before the Cook-Off and crossed our fingers all hoping that things go well. Thankfully, they did go smoothly.

The problem set for the May Cook-Off 2013 came from Abdullah Al Mahmud, who is making a comeback to the CodeChef problem setting panel after a period of almost two year. And what a comeback it has been! We received accolades for the problem set from so many of you. The problems before being served were passed through rigorous testing by Shilp Gupta. The highly sought editorials were being penned by Pradeep Mathias. With all the prerequisites in place, we took our seats waiting for you all to feast on the problem set.

As soon as the problems were unveiled, algorithm crafters from different quarters of the world were seen gorging on them. The first one to taste the sweet nectar of AC was raveman, who cracked the AMSGAME1 in just three minutes. The AMSGAME1 was proving to be an easy fodder as our first hundred submissions were made on the same problem. Slowly, the other problems were also attempted and amidst the early popular ones there was AMSGAME1’s name-twin, AMSGAME2. Contrary to it’s name-twin, the AMSGAME2 wasn’t an easy challenge for the contestants. There were lot of questions raised regarding how the game shall be played and they were all answered aptly. The flow of submissions moved to other problems as well, as we progressed.

By now, the race to the top had gotten serious. We saw shef leading the pack in the first hour of the contest. But his reign atop was cut short by Egork, who claimed the top spot in the second hour. The tossing and topping in the rank charts continued till the very last moments.

Despite the constantly changing names in the ranklist, there weren’t many users who were finding it easy to get through the problem set. Even in the final hour of the contest there was only iwiwi, who successfully cracked AMROOK, which made it evident that the May Cook-Off wasn’t a smooth sail for everyone.

At last, in the final 45 mins of the contest we got dzhulgakov as the first user to have solved all five problems. It surely wasn’t going to be easy with biggies like anton_lunyov and  iwiwi going all guns blazing to secure the top spot. This was quite interesting as it marked the beginning of dzhulgakov’s journey to the paramount. Slowly and steadily, dzhulgakov managed to conquer the top spot and successfully defended it till the contest was over. There weren’t many others who succeeded in cracking all five problems. Only five out all the participants were able to crack all five problems.

And to tell you who secured the final position on the podium, here’s the rank list for May Cook-Off 2013.

  1. dzhulgakov
  2. iwiwi
  3. anton_lunyov
  4. al13n
  5. scli
  6. EgorK
  7. shef
  8. damians
  9. niyaznigmatul
  10. raveman

So, a special round of applause to them and to everyone who participated in the May Cook-Off 2013 and turned it into a successful contest. You guys are awesome.

Now, let’s look at the overall stats for the contest.

  • Total Users: 1075
  • Total Submissions: 3348
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 881
  • Total users from India: 843
  • Total users not from India: 232

With that, we now move towards the June Challenge 2013, which will begin on 7th June 2013. And let’s tell you in advance, we have a pleasant surprise up our sleeves for this contest. To give you a hint let us tell you that a big name from the programming fraternity will be joining our problem setting panel. Any guesses, who it can be? Do let us know.

As of now, enjoy the nicely cooked editorials for May Cook-Off 2013. We regret the delay in publishing them once again. Do not forget to ask your doubts. And in the mean time you can catch up on inside of the moderation room of  the Cook-Off – there is some interesting conversation between the panel. Check out their chat history for the entire duration of the Cook-Off here!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the May Cook-Off 2013 as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it up for you. If you have queries, suggestions, or an honest feedback, you can always send it our way at

Till next time, it’s adios from team CodeChef.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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  1. ^Correction : The first submission of the contest was made by : raveman

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