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We have been asked this question many times. “Y U NO COME ‘X’ YEARS EARLIER?”. While we want to feel sorry about it, the least we can do is start now. Many a times, all of us here at CodeChef ponder on “How would it be to go back in the past and start coding when we were kids”. While the gloom of the opportunities missed disappoint, the possibilities of what can be done inspires. And motivates.

Today, we introduce to you our new initiative . With this initiative we want to do what has not been done before. We want to take programming to every school student in India and make them compete globally. As a part of this program, we will be introducing the following:

  • LunchTime – The CodeChef Junior Programming Series. A new programming contest specifically targeted for the school students.

  • Go For Gold for Schools – Now extended to the school students of India to win a gold medal at the IOI.

  • Online tutorials – For getting a new programmer started.

  • A mentorship program – Where each one of us will pledge time to mentor at least one school going kid.

Awareness is the most important issue that we believe we need to tackle. We need to reach out to schools and students, make them understand the significance of programming and show them the benefits and opportunities that come with it. And, we realize that we cannot do this all by ourselves.

We, at CodeChef, have been striving hard to provide you a platform where you can learn and have fun. With this sole objective,

  • We started with the long format of the monthly contests.

  • With the dream of witnessing an Indian team win the ACM ICPC we launched our ambitious Go For Gold initiative.

  • We provided a platform for every educational institution to host their own programming contest without worrying about the infrastructure. We took care of that.

  • We built a forum for the Indian programmers to interact and learn from the best programmers across the globe.

These are just a few of the many activities that we have relentlessly been doing over the past four years with the only goal of providing you a platform to learn and improve.

And never before, have we needed you this badly. We will do whatever it takes but this time we will need your help too. We urge you to join hands with us as we strive to take programming to the young India. If you have ever felt that you have started late and if you share the same dream and if you are willing to contribute some of your time, together, we’re assured that we can do this.

Please join us on this page: http://www.codechef.com/school/volunteer

As a volunteer of CodeChef for Schools, your responsibility will be many and varied. You can start small by providing one-to-one mentorship to a school student in your family or someone you know. You can introduce them to all the amazing things they can do with programming and the perks of competing in contests on CodeChef.

Also, you can visit your school or any school in your near vicinity and create awareness about computer programming and problem solving among the students. You can make it official by starting a Campus Chapter for your school under the guidance of the school principal or your computer teacher. This chapter will connect us to the new aspiring programmers through various activities like workshops, seminars, or online contests that we can conduct under your campus chapter.

This is a time to make a difference and we should not let this opportunity pass by. Your participation is critical. And most importantly tell your friends and family so they too could participate in this effort.

You may reach us anytime for any query, suggestion, or assistance that you might need to get started with the volunteering process at schools@codechef.com.

Warm regards,
Team CodeChef

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