Languages Upgraded

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Greetings everybody,
We have some good news 🙂 We have upgrade the compiler versions for the languages mentioned below. After receiving quite a number of requests for supporting C++11, we have  also added a new language option for C++11 along with this upgrade. You should be seeing it in the language selection list while submitting the code. These are the languages and the upgraded version numbers.

Upgraded Languages

Language Old Compiler Version New Compiler Version
Java javac-1.6.0_12 javac-1.7.0_25
Scala scala-2.8.0 scala-2.10.2
Haskell ghc-6.10.4 ghc-7.6.3
C gcc-4.3.2 gcc-4.8.1
C++ gcc-4.0.0-8 gcc-4.3.2
gcc-4.3.2 gcc-4.8.1
C99 gcc 4.3.2 gcc 4.8.1
Fortran gfortran-4.3.2 gfortran-4.8

New Languages

Language Compiler Version
C++11 gcc-4.8.1

We will also be updating Go, C# soon. Do send us your feedback or suggestions on

Till next time, it’s Good Bye from CodeChef,


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