Contribute cheerfully and accept gratefully

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Every month we receive huge contribution from all you wonderful people, showing your kindheartedness and ‘will’ to volunteer your time to help others. We have decided to acknowledge it. And, we have dedicated a page to all our top contributors as a token of appreciation. We also will be acknowledging the top 5 contributors of every month with special CodeChef goodies.

If you haven’t already, check out our new top contributor page now, at ‘‘.

Now, let’s tell you how to feature atop the top contributor page.

The only way to feature among the top contributors is by “contributing.” If you love programming and want to help others who do so, then jump into our forum. You can answer a question, ask a question, take part in existing conversations, or can simply show your appreciation for others’ contribution by up voting their replies. Your act of kindness in the forum will earn you some “Karma Points,” which will be the building blocks for your position on the contributors table. The more the Karma the upper will you be placed.

If you are a newbie to CodeChef, you can check out the current Top Contributors in the forum. You can look at their posts to understand their posting styles, to get started. Doing this will give you an insight on the top contributors’ approach towards contributing to community and the reference resources (if any) they use for answering questions. This will help you learn from their knowledge.

There also are some basic practices that can make you an imperative part of the process determining the top contributors. Firstly, if you have got the right answer to your question, accept it and vote it up. It acknowledges the contributors’ hard work and repute among the community. You can help others by finding the best answer to their question by voting up or voting down, the replies given to their queries. And, lastly you can contribute to the community by maintaining a friendly conduct. You can find some useful tips about using the forum efficiently in our meta tags.

CodeChef community is driven by passionate programmers like you and the more you contribute the more you help fellow programmers. Extend your helping hands to let each other evolve as a better programmer.

Till next time, ciao.

Team CodeChef

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