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There was a certain uncertainty in the air when we sat down for our first CodeChef LunchTime. It wasn’t the first contest that we were conducting, it wasn’t the first time we were witnessing programmers from across the globe go up against each other. We have been doing this for quite sometime now. But suddenly, after 4 years of hosting contests, it was as if we were new to everything. With butterflies in our stomach and a mild sense of diffidence at the back of our mind, it was one more Sunday for us, in office.

The problem set for the first LunchTime came from Vamsi Kavala and Roman Rubanenko, while Bruno Oliveira penned the editorials. The LunchTime contest was aimed at middle and high school students to persuade them develop interest towards competitive programming. And, to have Roman, who has been to International Olympiad of Informatics 2013 and Vamsi, who has been to ACM ICPC Asia regionals three time , we had the apt problem setting panel.

We were expecting an easy problem set for the schools kids to enjoy. However, the problem set that they crafted proved out to be a tough nut to crack. But, all the participants who participated went all out to solve the problems. The participation although was on the lower side, but we are expecting those figures to go up in the future.

Let’s have a look at all the figures for the contest, starting with the rank tables.

  1. darinflar
  2. hogloid
  3. xcwgf666
  4. visanr
  5. nikhil19
  6. amartyashankha
  7. akshatb42
  8. akatorihasi180
  9. momo_vn
  10. pushkarmishra

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners and to all the bright minds who participated in the contest.

Here are the overall final stats of the contest.

  • Total Users: 555
  • Total Submissions: 2758
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 320
  • Total users from India: 478
  • Total users not from India: 77

If you had tough times cracking the problems, you could check out the elaborate editorials for all the problems here. These editorials will help you understand the problem and it’s solution. They will also help you develop the correct approach towards solving such problems in near future, whenever you come across them. For anyone who’s new to programming, these editorials are great help.

It is just the first step towards our ultimate aim of establishing programming as a fundamental skill among the school students. But we are determined to grow leaps and bounds with all you wonderful people by our side. If you have any suggestions or feedback about the contest, do let us know them at We will be pleased to have them from you.

Till next time, it’s goodbye from CodeChef.

Team CodeChef

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