ACRush gives visit to July Cook-Off

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It’s been quite a while since the July Cook-Off 2013 got over. But it’s sweet memories are still fresh as dew with us. After a long gap (after 24 Cook-Offs), we saw the return of ACRush to the CodeChef Cook-Off. While his return spiced up our Cook-Offs, the regulars in raveman, al13n, and acmonster made sure that it’s not an all-ACRush show.

We saw great competition among the participants, while playing with the problem set of our wonderful problem setter Tuan Anh. The problem set were adeptly  tested by Keshav Dhandhania, ensuring that the problem set has all the key ingredients to keep the contestants busy till the very last moment of the contest. And the changing names in rank table established it. Let’s have a look at the final rank table of the July Challenge-2013

The top-ten Global winners are:

  1. ACRush
  2. raveman
  3. al13n
  4. acmonster
  5. uwi
  6. acube
  7. darinflar
  8. dzhulgakov
  9. lebron
  10. con_nha_ngheo

The top 5 Indian winners are:

  1. pragrame
  2. balakrishnan_v
  3. djdolls
  4. sidsgr88
  5. akash4983

We hope you had enjoyed the July Cook-Off 2013 to the fullest. But, if you had tough times cracking the problem set, our young editorialist Utkarsh Lath has written elaborate editorials for all the problems of the contest. You can check them here. These editorials not only will help you understand the problems, but also will help you learn more about solving them.

That sums up the CodeChef July Cook-Off 2013, from our side. If you have some queries, suggestions, or feedback for us, feel free to write to us at “”.

Till next time, it’s adios from CodeChef.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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